The importance of breaking away

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Nordic Walking - Source: wiki commons


With any new technology we sometimes find ourselves diving in and ignoring everything around us. The connections we build here on Steemit are rewarding and exciting. Every new thing you learn releases more endorphins. We are ready to spend all of our days, voting, curating and posting. A habit of wake up, check in, check in some more...go to sleep...wake up check in.


This is just a gentle reminder that with all the excitement and the new technology, don't forget about the the real world. Go for a walk, get outdoors and spend some time with those you care about.

That is what I did today, spent a day in the local park hiking the nature trails and allowing myself to recharge. Hope you have a chance to do the same.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that is following me, I am looking forward to all of us growing together in this platform. We are the pioneers of the technical wilderness.

Peace to you and your loved ones.

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Did you do nordic walking? It's very popular in Germany. I never really understood the sticks. Lol.

You're right, we need to learn to walk away for a bit. Today I walked my yard and looked around at my plants, chickens, ducks and geese.


Yes, we have a beautiful state park about 5 miles down the road. We enjoy doing the 5 mile circle around the park. Your yard sounds lovely. I tend to talk to my hens way to often. :-)


I don't say very nice things to my chickens, cause they're idiots, man... Sorry to say that but they are. ONE ALMOST DIED OF DEHYDRATION - BY CHOICE. It's not like she didn't have water available... She didn't want to go down the ramp to the water... Faverolles are DUMB. Hahaha


We have 6 black sex link, they have been very good natured so far. They are still pretty young and will only start laying eggs July or Aug.


I've got chickens who should start laying next month also! I hope they do! I hope yours do too! One of my girls already does the "chicken squat" and I've heard "the egg song" but I think it was preemptive... lol

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Your right we need to stop and enjoy nature and smell the flowers, great post! Followed 🌺🌺

Walking away, getting lost, the forgotten art of just being. Wonderfully put. I wish you a lovely day!

There are very few things that a walk in the fresh air cant fix. I find that I am more creative when I set aside 1 hour a day for a good walk...something I sadly don't do enough of at the moment!! Posts like this serve to remind me. thanks.

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