RE: Now that @smithmadu have shown potentials of resolving this issue, I have no other option than to take down this post

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Now that @smithmadu have shown potentials of resolving this issue, I have no other option than to take down this post

in steemit •  2 months ago 

Dear Charles, i'm sorry for the loss, pretty sure the owner of BAP never ever intended to scam or hurt anyone, and this doesn't call for tagging the steem clean up crew, i thought some guys were already handling this.

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Interesting.... If I may ask who are the guys?... Plz don't come here to paint me black as if am stupid or wicked.. I did what a normal person would and should do... I did not steal those steem... I earned them through had works and most of all I have plans for it by the end of this month.... I was paid peanut from my hard-earned saving and all I get is the sorry in the general chat... If I may ask, where you involved... Maybe if you are you would understand... So please don't come here to make me feel as if am bad, if the issue is being taking care of why will I be here... Oga plz hold your side


Ok sorry if i made you feel so
But lemme tell you something
If smith had killed himself on Tuesday with all the remaining funds locked up and not refunded you would have been much is $200??, i would have left that for him..!

Well, thanks to his friends who saved him and now he is dropping all yet people are yet to get
Well, i won't blame anybody guys are right, he deserved it all cause it was all his idea


Have a nice day charles


What all did he dropped?
I was so down today, wasn't able to eat till in the evening. He gave us less than half of what we have with him.

Some people use their steemit account to take loan and saved in @bankplethora now they don't have the steem and is likely to loose their account


I dont really know what to say again
I'm just sorry for the loss

Not a scam indeed?
Then tell him to tell us all how he loss up to 70% of our funds with him through trading
Because no sane human we continue trading after making loss and still making more loss