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RE: Welcome to ShadowBot Version 1.1 (Erebus)! [Official Public Launch]

in #steemit4 years ago

I'm a few days into using @shadowbot and I just don't really see what I'm getting out of it besides a lot of burned voting power. Most of the articles my votes are being used are are not very good quality and right now I get about one return upvote for every 30 given. Am I totally missing something here?


Posts are weighted in the system first by shadow rank then by expiration date. As your Shadow Rank increases you will get priority in the pool and earn more. Our next release will allow members to flag internally posts in the pool to identify who is abusing and who is not.

Well I'll keep at it and hopefully my rank will begin to increase soon.

It is a balancing act we are ever working on. Every release we get better at the juggling act of vote allocation to all fairly. The #1 way to get your rank up is to power up your SP currently it holds the majority weight in deciding how much rank your posts get. Second biggest is number of posts per week. Posting more than 15 posts a week will instantly begin to look at your account more as potentially someone spamming or abusing both ShadowBot and Steemit.

Any feedback you provide is greatly appreciated and helps us fine tune this as we learn and earn together! Thanks for being part of this!

My biggest request right now would be someway to set a minimum voting power requirement for voting or change the voting frequency. Almost my entire days worth of recharge ends up going into shadowbot atm and I'd like a way to give myself a little more wiggle room in that regard.

Noted. We are working on balancing that as well. Our original system had over 80% of members never voting which led us to the current voting system in place today.

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