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RE: Welcome to ShadowBot Version 1.1 (Erebus)! [Official Public Launch]

in #steemit4 years ago

Ok, this was a bit too much and too intrusive... I never resteem anything from anyone, keeping my wall strictly for my own works. It was quite an unpleasant surprise to turn the PC on and seeing 2 completely unrelated posts there.
How can I sign off from your "service"?


You can turn off re-steeming in settings. If you want to leave you can always change your private posting keys.

There's no other way to simply sign off from your bot?
How do I change it?

We can remove you but it is advised if you want to leave to revoke your keys as well

Ok, can you remove me now and tell me when it's done?

Np! sorry to see you go! Do be sure when you get a chance to change your keys it is just better for everyone to have that peace of mind! Thanks for at least giving us a chance!

already changed.

Can't confirm this but I have read simply going to your wallet and changing your master password will reset all your keys. Hope that helps again thanks for joining us for the time you did!

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