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3-1-2018 ⭐️ 3-1-2019

Read and Meet, Thats how it All started exactly 365 days + 3 ago ( it took me 3 days to get approved ) on New Years Eve @s3rg3 told me for the 5 th and last time JOIN IN BLONDIE ! I never listen the first time and I am not real gambler but I took the leap of faith. So I started 3-1-2018 with the signature sign blog and started My adventure.
So ThAnx My fellow @blockbrothers @s3rg3!
I admitt I read many #introduceyourself blogs and There are very many that are much much better than mine, but I had arrived.

I started of really as a rookie online as a virgin on social media and in desperate need of guidance. Thats were the READ&MEET comes from. By Reading ALOT of blogs you get a little piece of Whats needed here on Steemit. I call it the steemisfere, My other @blockbrothers @exyle calls it THE BLOCKCHAIN OF OPPORTUNITY.
And it is! The New opportunity in your future.

I know When you tell other people about Steemit they first All Will say WHAT? or WTF?
I WAS one of them!

I am so going to forget so MANY people but along the way in this blog some of My steemates Will appear. On forehand I appologize to you I forgot to mention, you are in My thoughts and hart.

This week I blogged about it and mentioned it before, I am the list-woman. I try to work My way through life that way. So I work My way through Steemit with the 7C’s
Community, Creative, Content, Collective, Calm, Consistancy and Commitment.
Well I Made It !... 365 days and 14537 posts and comments following My list of C’s.
Offcourse I am also Cool and Curious and here to Concur!!

I wrote about All sorts of subjects, ideas, fears, My kids, My dogs of steemit, My love, My life, and the future. Steemit is My NEW WAY OF LIFE, and I AM INVESTING IN MY OWN FUTURE.

I Made a footer, and I love the lay-out of My blogs. You gotta love your blogs so much that you want to upvote yourself😉 I did .... many times! I am not ashamed I am COOL 💪

The selfvote thing, came to me in the ENGAGEMENT LEAGUE @abh12345 for those who dont know him he is the BOSS of a group ELITE ENGAGERS Thank you @chekohler for this titel,
I wear it proud. I am A CHICK ON A MISSION
An highlight this year was Getting My slider

In the beginning I cut out All the newspaper articles about the crypto markets and bitcoins. Funny nowadays There a not so many articles to cut. But I still cut out articles and sometimes also use them.

I enroled My kid, and am trying to get him interested in Steemmonsters, but Fortnite is winning.... untill now. But Change is going to come.

I started to do My signature blog at 4, the 4 oclockys, I blog that one every day. I done more than 275.
I also am a contest girl. Like the EL but also the photo challanges, color challanges, I did the #alldutch #STOOMAFBLAZEN ( needs to return I think ) and My @googlyeyes contests. I cant do without the eyes anymore @fraenk Thanks for the niche.

I loved the Steemit Top 50 by My friend @verhp11 Peter we started out at the Same time and love that out paths cross alot! See you the 13th.
Music by @verhp11 and @melbookermusic help me through the day and @melbookermusic I Will find you a vinyl a really special one!

Travelfeed, steepshot and appics I have used alot and they had me linked to New people across the world.

I Made some challanges on My own :
( again with the number 7 - My lucky number )

  • 7 day music way back challange
  • 7 day DUET challange
  • 7 day POSITIVITY challange
  • how do you call a Steem collegue ?

And the Seven ( 777 ) is also special ThAnx @nathanmars you rock and you know to surprise, and that is highly appreciated.
Also i did film reviews, tasteem reviews and I enter the @supernovastaffy #dogsofsteemit with My furry friends, Charlie and Joey.

I entered Discord ( a few to many ) in February.
An addition but it takes to much time sometimes. Still a noob on Discord sound but maybe in 2019 I can learn.

Hard is finding the best and right tag for your blogs, that takes time but I use the right ones now 😬

If you get flagged move on, I got a few and remember the hundreds of upvotes they are more important!

@Cheetah glad that My fouroclocky is now on your whitelist

I lost My hart at the @STEEMITMAMAS those women are so great, I would say if you are a mama on steemit COME AND JOIN!
I also am a proud member of the @PIFC PAY IT FORWARD CONTEST, by @thedarkhorse and @wolfhart both here with a vision to help New people entering the platform together with a true follower group. Paying it back it doesnt hurt you !
@STEEMITBLOGGERS I was asked by @jaynie and going to be a POWER HOUSE CREATIVE pretty soon, well There is a C so count me in 😉👍
Steemitbloggers family who I ‘met on the other side’ you are one hell of a committed bunch!
Last but not least, STEEM TERMINAL helping the Newbies with advice and All There is to know @xcountytravers @thekittygirl Thank you

Very important TO ME AND steemit are the
@blockbrothers CALL ME BIAS BUT THEY ROCK and I am part of it 💃
So if you are still searching for a witness consider us and here is Why :

  • BB runs an active & up-to-date node, as a bare minimum requirement;
  • BB Engages actively with the community;
  • BB is skilled technically;
  • BB Understands the Steem Blockchain on multiple layers of interest;
  • BB Adds value to the Steem Blockchain.

Being introduced by one BB and now Being one of them is simply rewarding.

And they develloped STEEMIFY THE NOTICATION APP you should try it you Will love it.

Offcourse I Made alot of FFF FAT FINGER FAULTS Thank you for notification @sultnpapper with every wrong pressed button on the phone or computer I think of you. Rinky dink think tank guzbucking day sultnpapper😉

Steemfest is something I look forward too so I Will be There bring on ROADTOSTEEMFEST, I have a date with @wolfhart, I want first dance😉

OMG I think I am mentioning alot off people, but many not .... SO SORRY its past midnight already and I keep adding....

There are many special ladies here but just naming a few: the amazingly talented @soyrosa, we have TOO MUCH FUN & FOOD ThAnx for the advice and the Nice meetups See you the 13th.
@cicisaja My sister from another continent, @karinxxl by My side voting since day one and @lynncoyle1 ( and @briancourteau ) wish I could make everything bad dissapear , I admire the way you two walk the walk !!

To late for My actifit but I managed to walk alot today💪
5-K-A-DAY is My New daily @actifit challange so let me know if you want to join.

I love making My Library of life, cause what is on the blockchain stays on the blockchain😉
Maybe I Will add a few things tomorrow if I re-read this summary because COMMENTING CALLS hahahah more C’s
For me it is a marathon and not a sprint ! Thank you @karinxxl for this quote

And its way past My bed time AND I NEED TO VOTE AND COMMENT so happy birthday to me,
This was My ULOG See you tomorrow wherever ⭐️⭐️ dont forget to shine !

When is your steemit birthday ?

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated
And remember Focus on Being creative instead of Being busy !

  • “Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results”
  • “Not everyone is a blogger but everyone has something great to offer"

Lover of Life and L❤️ve in General - @brittandjosie


I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

Please consider us for your witness vote if you think we deserve it here:

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Get it Here:

Member off the #steemitmamas #steemterminal #steemitbloggers #needleworkmonday and #payitforward and on Discord

Sources used : My own private stock collection, Google and with others its mentioned in the blog.

I would like to thank all my STEEMIT friends who have been supporting me. Feel free to leave me any feedback.


     Member of The SteemiansDirectory

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Congratulations @brittandjosie! What an awesome anniversary post :) And thank you for the mention too ... I love that you love the way Brian and I walk the walk!! And what a lovely sentiment ... I wish you could make it all disappear too :)


@lynncoyle1& @brittandjosie,

I admire the way you two walk the walk !!

Josie, nice line (and ditto about Lynn & Brian). Add to that the brilliance which is "QuillDrill" and a penchant for alliteration ... girl, I think you've got poet in your soul.

Write me a poem! :-)

Congrats on your anniversary. I'm right around 1 year too.



Thank you Quill. You're not so bad yourself :)


Quill, i admire you to for the walk you walk with your lovely ladybig too.
Poems.....🧐 i am going to try to write one this year.
When is your steemit birthday, and Will you do a blog about your experiences?



I'm not sure exactly ... in January sometime. How do I find out? It's got to be recorded somewhere. An anniversary blog ... sounds like a good idea.



Steemitboard has the Info on your badges, the anniversary blog are just as important as the introduceyourself blogs. So cannot wait to read how you walk the quill walk


Its true and you know what ......iT truly excists A CLIC ON STEEM. @lynncoyle1

Hi @brittandjosie, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @melbrookermusic, @xcountrytravelers, @sultandpapper and @briancorteau don't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @melbookermusic, @xcountytravelers, @sultnpapper and @briancourteau ?

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Sorry @checky its sooo late

@brittandjosie Happy Steemit Birthday!!! 🎉🎂🎉❗️❗️❗️

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Thank thats music to my ears

Wow. I am so proud to know you. You did not miss a beat.
And your on 💃🕺


On to that promised date🕺🏼💃


You know it


Oh yes i wont forget!

haha, the BOSS! Naa, I'm no-ones boss, but that is funny for sure.

Congratulations on making it to one year!


Plan on making a few more, chasing to kill that bear at the moment😉

Happy Steemit birthday @brittandjosie!! Here’s to many more to come!

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Abolutely dear together we Will concurrent the googleneedleblogs hahahah


Yes! We will! Hehe i like that - googlyneedleblogs - hehe.

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I am so happy you are a part of the Steem Terminal! You are actually part of the inspiration of the project. We bumped i to each other on so many intros and you cared as much as i do. It had to happen.

Happy steemiversary. Can't wait to see what amazing things you do over the next 365 days.


Ren, you are a ⭐️ On the steemisphere and i appriciate the compliment and Will take care off the newbies. You focus on getting better


You are sweet! I am so happy we became friends.


Well so i am

Congrats @brittandjosie!!! Happy Steemivesary


Thank dear time flies when you are having fun

Congratulations on your 1st year here! 😘


365 days already !! Time files when you are having fun.


In deed! Btw, I voted for your witness. I just knew yesterday that you're part of the blockbrothers. Would have been a better if I voted back when I was still a dolphin.

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In deed! Btw, I voted for your witness. I just knew yesterday that you're part of the blockbrothers.

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Well dear thats highly appreciated thanx


Do you also use our steemify app? Its Free and amazing

Congratulation my friend for your steemiversary.

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IT feels so good

Congrats on one year I can’t believe it’s your first year when you’re basically everywhere on the blockchain lol! Wishing you many more happy years and continue to make this place fun!

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I am chasing you all over the steemisphere

Misschien moet ik m'n steemitleeftijd ook gaan vieren... Dan voel ik me stukken jonger.


Nou ik ben wel benieuwd naar je reis

<3 What an amazing celebratory post @brittandjosie!!! You've worked so hard and have grown and do so well - I love your passion and will to work and do what you do and help so many newbies along the way... It's truly inspiring. Glad you're here to stay now you can't EVER leave :')

Congratz and see you the 13th!


I appreciate the kind Words, it is a special weird thing to have. To see the World throughout steemit eyes. The year flew by but cleared the view for this year, goals are set.

Congratulations to my good friend on your Steemit anniversary. Keep doing best . Thanks for sharing with us.

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Congratulations to my good friend on your Steemit anniversary. Keep doing best . Thanks for sharing with us.

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Hi @steemperfect thank you for the congrats, and happy new year too.
How is steemit life going

Congratulations !
I'm sorry I missed it :/
btw did you start playing steemmonsters? if so, your birthday gift is on it's way ;)


i hazem no i havent started playing. I dont have the time there is so much on noemal steemit haahh. I dont see you in powerhousecreatives anymore. Thats the new steemitbloggers.
and how are you doing, saw the first blog in two weeks from you just now, upvoted it offcourse.
Did you vote for your witnesses?


mmm I guess we need to talk ;)

Congrats on your first one 🎂

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Going to have a cake

What an awesome way to celebrate your Steemit anniversary! Congratulations, and here's to many more years of celebrating here on the block chain!



I plan to stay ... lost of changes come upon us


Awesome, and me too!

Hey hey! Congratulations! One year, it seems so long ago! I think I started around the same time, it really was a different place then... less communities and support!


The vibe is different

This is a nice summary of your activities with Steemit. I too have reached a year this week, but my contributions are more simple but I enjoy interacting and researching everyone's posts. It seems you give a great deal of thought and are involved in a good way. That's great!


Hello Nancy well that really Nice off you. I do take commitment and involvement a bit serious sometimes to serious. I want steemit to be a succes

Congrats on the anniversary! So glad you are here with us! 😊



Thanks dear love My cherry topper cupcake💃

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Happy steemiversary!!! One year passes so fast, doesnt it?!


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Dank je hoe gaat het op steemit, moeilijk hè 😳