Steemit has changed, but so is life

in steemit •  2 months ago 

Hmm. where to begin, sometimes life gets you to focus on other issues for some time, and when you come back to something familiar and it has changed totally..

For those of you who didnt know i used to have a steemit account named @br2 unfortunately i have lost the keys to it. (so i am not entirely new to the platform as it might seem.

So i was here also before the bidbots votebuying took off after HF 15, and now i see the new discussions after the reward curve changed.

i welcome all initiatives to make Steemit great again, ut i must say i feel the flag wars going on now might be a little misplaced and self harmfull.

Time will tell! i will continue to stay around, and hopefully get the inspiration to write again. with steem prices so low, it really feels a shame not to get some while its possible!

Well hey thats just my two cents

Skjermbilde 2019-10-10 kl. 00.45.19.png


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