Powerup, gambling and the chain. + SBI giveaway

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Two days ago i posted about going out to transfer some money and get some steem to gamble a little.

Predictable as usual i probably ended up losing some money, but atleast i was strict with myself this time, and actually powered up quite alot of steem. both when i was on a roll and when i was losing.

I figure with the price of Steem being so low now when im powering up my steem, i hopefully want start selling with the first price increase, and hopefully get some more of the groove of posting here on Steemit back.

Skjermbilde 2019-10-17 kl. 08.17.21.png

As you can see i actually have alot of STEEM now. when i wrote my last blog post i was at about 2300 steem powered up, so i have managed to add 3600 steem theese two days! most of what im delegating is to @tipu and @sbi

I have also become a @tipu curator which makes it more interesting to browse trough the NEW tab.

Lastly to the @sbi giveaway i will give one SBI share to the person that can comment with the most interesting gambling or steemgame post now. and i will give 2 shares to the article writer (It is allowed to nominate oneself.)

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Can it be a famous one? this is probably the most popular EOS betting and gambling site.


Would be interesting, but i have no EOS almost, and they dont offer STEEM betting :/ but will look into that one the next time i have some money to burn, now i have to take it a little easy ;)

Ps . the @sbi giveaway is for articles here on steem not gambling sites themselves :)

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