Upvote Bot - Minimum 10% ROI for a Limited Time!

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Encouraging User Activity During the Lull

As I mentioned on yesterday's video, user activity on the blockchain has been steadily decreasing with the declining value of the Steem currency. This is a phenomenon that I've been unable to wrap my head around because I feel users should be active no matter the price of our coin. And with the volatility of the crypto market, it wouldn't be that far-fetched to see a strong correction as early as today. Who knows? The price of Steem could skyrocket to $5.00 tomorrow. Therefore, it makes no sense that user activity so closely correlates with the price of our beloved cryptocurrency. But I digress.

New ROI Settings

In an effort to try and encourage activity on the blockchain, and reward users for being productive during this bearish cycle, I'm increasing the @brandonfrye upvote bot's minimum ROI from -10% to +10%. Originally I had planned to increase the minimum ROI to +1% but it's been pointed out (in the comments below) that due to the price drop of Steem (which caused our payouts to now be split among SP, SBD, and Steem), our payouts have decreased substantially.

So now I have increased the bot's minimum to +10% and the max to +15% which should offset the lack of rewards and possibly get you a nice ROI. Again, this will remain in place for a limited time only, possibly until we see an increase in the value of Steem and our rewards go back to a SP & SBD 50/50 split.

How to Submit a Bid?

Send a minimum of .10 SBD or Steem to @brandonfrye with the link to your post in the memo field. My account upvotes posts every 2.4 hours (when account hits 100% voting power). The higher the bid you send in, the larger percent of the 100% upvote you will receive. And if you send in too much, the bot will automatically refund you and ask you to send in a smaller amount.

Check out www.SteemBotTracker.com for details on the current voting round and the max suggested bid for that round. You can also view the upvote bot's Terms of Service here.


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So quiet on here today. You are right:) This may help some. Thanks, Brandon:)

Congratulations, @prydefoltz. You won today's random comment upvote! :)

It'll be coming here shortly within the next round. Hopefully the market will improve here soon and we can get some of these folks engaging again!

Thanks, Brandon:) I look forward to it:):):):)

sweet deal!!!!!!! thank you!!!!

Yessir!! 😊

This is great! I’ve been watching most of the bots and there are not many that do this. It is a great time to use it! I am actually reviewing my latest experiment on using bots on one of my prior posts. It doesn’t look to good but I was not choosing the best bots.

Yeah, there are a lot who have no negative ROI set and people are losing a lot of money using those.

Nice bonus! Not that I needed any more incentive to use the bot but yeah LOL

Appreciated sir!

Gotta keep the perks coming, lol. 😁

As somebody mentioned yesterday, when the market becomes bearish we get to see who's really serious about Steemit. Glad to see the regular's commenting here today!

Oh that's the true test right....I followed a bunch of people back in December and January who swore they were dedicated to Steemit and were going to build brands and businesses here.

Only a few months later....They've disappeared.

Could it be the bear markets? Or that people genuinely don;'t see the power of showing up every day, no matter what.

But more importantly....Aren't you supposed to be on a plane? lol

Unfortunately our flight was delayed so we're on a flight this evening. Good thing is we'll be ready to sleep on the 13-hour plane ride over there. 😴✈️

I ran some numbers in my head (and i could be wrong), i think even a 10% roi won't be enough to break even. This is because of the larger share of the rewards being awarded in steem now.

In my last payout, i got paid almost 10% in steem. And this number is increasing everyday. I will run some numbers later today and update here.


It does matter. The current SBD-printrate is currently at 62% and constantly sinking. Which means:

Instead of 50% SBD you're getting 0.5 * 0.62 => 31% as SBD, 19% as Steem and 50% as Steempower.

Take a look at this calculator: https://smartsteem.com/buy

Right, I did some digging and learned that myself today. I also saw the Smartsteem post. Definitely good to know. 👍🏻

EDIT: I actually updated my bot to a minimum of +10% and a max of +15% to offset this. May still break even but much better than what most bots in my price range are offering, and should encourage people (who use bots) to continue posting.

thanks @brandonfrye. I am writing a post to let my readers know about this. Hopefully other bots will follow.

Hmm it shouldn’t matter. Keep in mind that Steem is worth more than SBD. And both are liquid. When the price drops they add Steem to the payouts due to the debt ratio between the two. But let me know your results.

It should matter, sbd is 1 to 1 ratio, but when we get steem, it will be divided by steem price

SBD hasn’t been pegged in a really long time. It has no 1 to 1 ratio anymore. So the upvote is worth the same either way. You’re just earning your liquid rewards in two different currencies.

Or are you saying that for example, you get a payout of 2 SP, 2 Steem, and 2 SBD. And from that payout we get 2 SBDs but only $2 worth of Steem?

You’re getting the same value for your rewards, just paid differently. That’s all. And some people prefer this so they don’t have to swap their SBDs for Steem.



Image 1 is my calculation of actual ROI. I used a post voted by your bot at 10% ROI. Paid in steem is steem + SP.
Image 2 is what i got paid, using that i figured out, how much i am getting paid in SBD now.

Hopefully i didn't make a mathematical error in my calculation, that would be embarrassing.

1 SBD currently equals $1.34 USD (which you paid for the bid)

From my upvote you received ~$1.97 USD


Minus 25% for curation (- 0.49 USD)

Leaves you with $1.48 USD which is a 10.44% ROI 😁

From my upvote you received ~$1.97 USD

That's where its wrong. This is assuming 50/50 split. ((1.65/2)*1.34+0.825=1.9305)
But reward is not split 50/50 right now. Its split 32.64/67.36 which is 1.83 USD (Its getting worse everyday). If you have a discord, we can talk there.

It doesn't matter how they split it, or what currency they're paying you in, the value remains the same. This is because they're now printing more Steem to balance the debt ratio. But it doesn't impact your rewards. That's what I've been trying to tell you.

That was not my bid. I just used it for example.

Have you considered delegations? Currently I think your bot investors are losing out on better ROI's.

That's great encouragement to use this bot! I can't seem to find @brandonfrye on steembottracker.com. @ironshield

Just love the slider at the top to the left. 👍🏻

Great to see you continuing to add value to the community with both knowledge and financial incentive. Thanks!

This is great. I have to buy Steem first.

Thanks so much. I just found your profile through @mightypanda and really appreciate what you are doing. Haven't heard of your bot yet, but I will try it out later.

Yes, take advantage now. Hope this will spark some more activity :)

i think activity will always be subject to market sentiment and wider news, i'm afraid. However, less so in the future. Different story when steem can be changed directly to fiat. etc. In fact i'll just promote my last post on this with your bot.!

Yes, we need to add more fiat trading pairs in order to stabilize (or really be able to see) other crypto markets. It's frustrating to see a coin genuinely doing well only to be dragged down by Bitcoin.