Merging Blender with the Blockchain Economy - A Thought Experiment

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For several months I've been letting some thoughts on how to apply blockchain to our existing means of production brew. As a result of this, I've posted an open idea to the Blender Artists community that goes into more specifics of what and why. Basically it can be thought of as an Decentralized Digital Arts Design Studio. A platform which can be used by the open-sourced digital arts community to gather and get their work monetized through the wonders of the blockchain. See the full post here if you're interested in more of the back story. Forum Discussion - Merging Blender with Blockchain

The Steemit community is the most experienced group of people in the Blockchain content creation and monetization area by a long shot, so I thought I'd create a slightly different discussion on the same topic for all my steemit people to mull over if they so choose.

A basic description of this idea would include a dual chain system. A main chain for establishing platform accounts, work logs, project registrations, etc. and side chains that would be specific to individual animation projects. Platform access would enable a participant to contribute storage space and processing power to the platform and earn X% of sales as a reward for mining. Project participants would earn the remainder of the finished product sales based on their contributions which would be established and given set values at project creation.

A Platform conceptual outline and some highlights below for your consideration.

The more detailed I go into this idea the better I understand all the different ways the blockchain allows things like this to be possible. So far we've seen hundreds of projects coming online which use the blockchain for some big picture solutions. Replacing our money supply and financial sector, inserting honesty and P2P monetization into social media and advertising, resisting censorship and a host of other very important ideas.

Projects like the one I'm proposing could use Steemit and other cooperative platforms to publish, collaborate, and create value through the whole process. Steemit also offers an interesting investment opportunity for groups like this that would potentially be building very influential and valuable steemit accounts. Existing projects like CreativeChain or Po.Et could be leveraged when the product is finished to automate the copyrights and distribution (sales) of content.

The blockchain also allows smaller business and collaborative works the ability to decentralize and dis-intermediate in many different ways, this being but one example. I would like the steemit community's input on this idea and any hurdles or benefits you may see from your own perspective. The quicker we all bring adoption of the New Economy into the mainstream the sooner we see real improvement to the quality of life and community that is the ultimate goal. Thought experiments like this are meant to speed up that process and start opening new channels of utilization into our productive lives.


Always wanted to learn Blender. I think its a great idea to help give the Blender community some incentive. I think a lot of people would push themselves further with 3D modeling if they were making something for there efforts. Hope this takes off.

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