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Is Steemit really about rewarding bloggers for good content.
I don't think so.
Because so many here on steemit post good content and are unrecognized.
Lets face it people its mostly about capital gain right?
I see bloggers here put a lot of effort and time into posting good stuff only to be basically ignored.
Maybe i shouldn't post my thoughts right now as i'm feeling a bit tipsy.
But so what.
Steemit for me is more about opening up channels worldwide, reaching out to aspiring steemians wanting to improve their circumstances.
Yes lets not be negative about this platform coz i kinda gotta feeling that the real power behind this platform has not yet been realised.
yeah, I'm feeling inclined to power up even more.
Peace and love brothers and sisters.


Thank you for upvoting me!

I'm here on steemit from almost a year. Before joining Steemit i waste my time on facebook, twitter or others useless social platform but Steemit is quite better than others. Here I get worth my time and meet with international friends and most of them are very friendly and kind hearted. Thanks a lot for your valuable thoughts about Steemit.

Good to see you share your thoughts here sir @bobbylee :-)
I just noticed lately that if you want to get high rewards on your post you should be active with some communities. I'm not a a good writer nor an artist but I want to stay here so I'm trying to be active and trying to support others as well. Also now there are lots of DApps/Steem platforms that we can use now where you can receive rewards even without making a blog, Steemians should take advantage of those :-). Another things is that there are still some Steemians with big SP's continues to support us minnows and your one of them, So a big thanks to you sir @bobbylee and to others who do the same:-)
Have a nice day ahead and God Bless :-)

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Buti pa nga kayo napapansin nya eh 😁

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Hi @bobbylee. 😀 Have a great day to you. We all know that not all quality contents are being rewarded fairly. But we are most thankful that there are people like you here in Steemit. You are truly a treasure of Steemit. You keep on inspiring and supporting many. From the bottom of my heart thank you thank you so much for your unending support to us. Bright blessings to you. With much love. 😀💖

Its a great initiative to inspire bloggers for creating well content...
You do a well job buddy @bobbylee

Also love and peace for you bro...
After joining on steemit, I feeling good. Its a so informative social media. Steemit creates more creative blogger. You also helps them as your witness . Thats so effective for such kinds of creative bloggers.

keep up the spirit of friends, I will always support you, we pray for the best ...

Want to see this community up on the moon ,thanks for the great positivity and supports.

there is no other word for you @bobbylee, keep up the spirit and always succeed, thank you for sharing....Thank you for your support so far ...

I really support that about what I do. it's very good i think

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