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Is Steemit really about rewarding bloggers for good content.
I don't think so.
Because so many here on steemit post good content and are unrecognized.
Lets face it people its mostly about capital gain right?
I see bloggers here put a lot of effort and time into posting good stuff only to be basically ignored.
Maybe i shouldn't post my thoughts right now as i'm feeling a bit tipsy.
But so what.
Steemit for me is more about opening up channels worldwide, reaching out to aspiring steemians wanting to improve their circumstances.
Yes lets not be negative about this platform coz i kinda gotta feeling that the real power behind this platform has not yet been realised.
yeah, I'm feeling inclined to power up even more.
Peace and love brothers and sisters.


Thank you for upvoting me!

I'm here on steemit from almost a year. Before joining Steemit i waste my time on facebook, twitter or others useless social platform but Steemit is quite better than others. Here I get worth my time and meet with international friends and most of them are very friendly and kind hearted. Thanks a lot for your valuable thoughts about Steemit.

Good to see you share your thoughts here sir @bobbylee :-)
I just noticed lately that if you want to get high rewards on your post you should be active with some communities. I'm not a a good writer nor an artist but I want to stay here so I'm trying to be active and trying to support others as well. Also now there are lots of DApps/Steem platforms that we can use now where you can receive rewards even without making a blog, Steemians should take advantage of those :-). Another things is that there are still some Steemians with big SP's continues to support us minnows and your one of them, So a big thanks to you sir @bobbylee and to others who do the same:-)
Have a nice day ahead and God Bless :-)

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Buti pa nga kayo napapansin nya eh 😁

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Hi @bobbylee. 😀 Have a great day to you. We all know that not all quality contents are being rewarded fairly. But we are most thankful that there are people like you here in Steemit. You are truly a treasure of Steemit. You keep on inspiring and supporting many. From the bottom of my heart thank you thank you so much for your unending support to us. Bright blessings to you. With much love. 😀💖

Its a great initiative to inspire bloggers for creating well content...
You do a well job buddy @bobbylee

Also love and peace for you bro...
After joining on steemit, I feeling good. Its a so informative social media. Steemit creates more creative blogger. You also helps them as your witness . Thats so effective for such kinds of creative bloggers.

keep up the spirit of friends, I will always support you, we pray for the best ...

Want to see this community up on the moon ,thanks for the great positivity and supports.

there is no other word for you @bobbylee, keep up the spirit and always succeed, thank you for sharing....Thank you for your support so far ...

I really support that about what I do. it's very good i think

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Its fine to post these things, in fact I think this is important!

I do think the reward system needs to be overhauled.

I'm actually expecting to be criticized Philipp. And i would welcome that. Thank you for your comment.

You are right, many good posts are not appreciated, there are many high-quality posts that do not even read,before I wrote a lot and you voted for me,now I have my own block of photos,I try to make interesting.Thanks for reading.

we are seeing our golden life in steemit.I hope steemit is a best of social site in the world.

Hi, @bobbylee. I follow your presentation at the Jakarta Convention Center, November 4, 2018. Here's the 2018 South East Asia Summit Blockchain event posting link.
Sorry to send a link in the comments column. I have never done this before, except taking part in a contest that requires sending a link in the comments column.

Thank you for your comment. I have a lot of respect for Bobbylee and his brother Charlie also.
I guess it can be a bit confusing with my steemit usernamer bobbylee.

I agree, this is true as you say. Many of us give positive things, they try to be good and even the best. But unfortunately, the Steemit didn't realize that. It is unfortunate. :(

a very useful work brother,i support and agree your work,@bobbylee

At least you have supported many customers here, I honestly admit that and hopefully you keep trying as hard as possible to create quality content and never complain for that. I know how you support many steemians, resteem so that everyone sees this. Regards @bobbylee

Right, I agree with you. I also feel that way. For me you are not drunk but this is REALITY.

Yes, I agree with you @bobbylee, you spend a lot of your time looking for what to post and trying as hard as possible to think about making quality posts. but unfortunately, it is very rare for us to see quality content, someone will see it, but short and non-quality content is highly valued. I'm sure Steemit will remain a good and positive platform for all its users.

Peace and love Bobby. I also feel that the power of this platform hasn't been realized and it will be shown one of these days.

You hit the nail on the head bUt sure we will struggle on regardless because we love the place. Personally I enjoy the characters in here . Some are planktons and some are whales .

Yes, I really agree with you. I also saw a lot of good content but was ignored. I wonder why? maybe the answer is steemit isn't about good content but about steem's strength. if we have a lot of steem power then whatever our post, then that post will have a lot of votes.

Thanks for sharing @bobbylee

For me it's more a social media platform and not for expecting too much in the way of earnings. I think many up votes are cast with bots and i've used an automated voting system myself coz it's impossible to read all of the posts. So I see steemit more about following people rather than reading their posts. Thanks for your comment.

Oh so yes, once again I agree with you. stemit is like social media where following and being followed is a part that is not separated from it. I hope I get an automatic vote from you occasionally. thanks @bobbylee

There was a time when people think or believe that Steemit can replace their jobs. I know a few of them who became a fulltime Steemit bloggers / vloggers at the time when the price Steem reach its peak, but it didn't last long. Though it might happen again, I think it's still too early.

I have to agree with @bobbylee's comments, better think of Steemit as a social media platform where you can interact with likeminded individuals and possibly create a network of your own that you can call "Steemit friends". 😊

The bot has taken away the human sentiments brother.
Manually vote was making the community stronger and user back then always seek to meet new people. Bot made things automate but took the value. I believe.

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You have voiced out what has been lingering in the minds of millions of minnow steemians.

STEEMIT was a promised oasis of the social media world when i first joined and now it seems not quite different from other platforms.

Possibly even worse because connecting with people has stopped.

@bobbylee you are my hero.

You'll be fine, dear

All these articles will be indexed by search-engines. So chances are pretty big they might generate traction in the next years or so, its pretty weird to think about it that way.


Hello @bobbylee , Have a pleasant day to you....i agree with you and I m very thankful of your unending support her on steemit and also me...thank you so much..God Bless😊💖

I totally agree with you @bobbylee.
It's not just about the good content but I still try to make the best content I can. I know it's not fare and it used to bother me, but I got used to the fact that life isn't fare and it is just the way it is, but that does not stop me from being my best and doing my best and that is all that matters to me.

Hi @bobbylee, I noticed that you have not been active for long time but still have your steem power without any use. Reading your last post I would say nothing much changed here and as before we are trying to work hard to support undervalued users.

Therefore I wanted to approach you and ask if you would delegate your SP to our project @art-venture, we have created it in August 2017 to support undervalued artists. There are still many active Artists around and it would be good to be able to reward them appropriately for their works and activity.

We are interested in future of strong Steem that is why we need resources behind to build up stronger community and motivate people. Please look at this magazine that we produce every second day and also you can look at @stef1 account to see what we are doing.

I am aware that you probably not interested in such social projects but without other active users the price of Steem may fall and Steem that you hold may loose its value too.

The important thing is we have never done Power Down, all the rewards are going to Power Up.

I thank you in advance,

I really like this post, and this post is very useful for all of us

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I really agree with you and we still have to be passionate and work in steemit.

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I really like what you do with your work, and I hope this post is very useful for all of us

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i salute you sir...

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I really agree, this is true as you say. Many of us give positive posts, they try to be good and even the best. But unfortunately, Steemit doesn't realize it. It is unfortunate.

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Yes, it is true the real power behind this platform is still to be realized by masses.

For me the real essence of the steemit is not all about the upvote but also about on how people being merit and they are sharing a good quality content that can really move someone else's life, and the most of all is the real interaction with their new find treasure-able friend from this wonderful platform. Meeting a new and wonderful people like you sir @bobbylee is such a gift from god. I felt really glad to meet new people. Thank you so much Steemit and to those new find friend from this website.

I agree with you. because good posts don't guarantee a lot of votes. But those who get a lot of votes are those who have a high reputation. preferably high reputed users help low-reputation users. Because there is no high reputation if there is no low reputation.

thanks for your support

You are one of the great person who support people in low key. I remember when I asked your help regarding my friend who needs help through upvoting the post. That friend of mine had a child who was disabled, and was hospitalized. Your help had helped her a lot.

Aside from that, you are very kind to my fellow pinoys. I am one of them you've helped. I value whatever you did.

Thank you so much!

I am sure we are trying to do the best, maybe the results have not been realized. Hopefully in the future it will be in line with our expectations. I am very grateful for your attention to Steemit.
Thanks you @bobbylee.

how can I get support from you in Steemit

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i think making good content for one day or two won't work here, the main point is being able to post your content constantly ,weeks and months .. that make people to know more about the concept of your blog , and also using Dapps which help you to be more successful, it is possible for those who really take the effort .

I agree with you about this platform being apathetic towards content creators. The struggle to be noticed is real and success is more dependent on who you engage with rather than skills in blogging.

I'm not trying to fix a broken system but I did my own part to rebel against it by starting a project that attempts to do 3 things, upvote content authors, fight abuse, and become an option for people to invest their SP in with @bestofph

There's no great change in sight with how the platform will go from here but I think having the spirit to do good for the community makes the platform more bearable for those who kept their faith and stuck around.

That's the sad reality😣 but as you said the potential isn't yet fully recognised. Hopefully we regain the same excitement of the previous year or make it even better on these coming days. I'm with you in powering-up. Too early to back-out or we should not even think of backing-out at all. Thanks for supporting the steemit community. We need more people like you. ✌️❤️

I don't share the same views, people must realize that they have to start small and after a while they will see the results and their efforts will pay off @bobbylee
There should be consistency and determination and a love for blogging.

I agree with you @bobbylee we must see steemit in its good side and supporting good content creators and commentators will make the steem community flourish and vibrant among others.

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Well its all about timing and some luck but mostly you are right

I was very sad after reading your post. What you say is true. We cannot develop and advance with good writing.

Hi bobbylee

I'm writing you on behalf of a group of Steemians who recently started a discussion and decision-making forum for STEEM-Investors. And we would gladly see you joining us!

Is there a way to reach you on Discord?


Hello how are you

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Yes, I feel like everything I post is next to invisible...
My content is like Breaking News...
Comments are very rare for me...
You're doing very good in the Comment section...
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more new post sir please.

Truth is a reality that must be accepted by almost every society, but we must always be active and give the best of all our souls, to get a little happiness, a very short, solid and clear article @bobbylee