"Lake Mystic II" another image from Down Under by bluedomain

in steemit •  2 years ago

I took this one at Lake Mulwala, Victoria, Australia. Canon 350D, lens 18 - 50mm.

I wish I could post it on a black background...

Hope you like it... cheers


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Great image! Love the high contrast.

Nice :)
I hope we can support each others
Folback n upvote back my post :)

Resteemed, upvoted and added to my daily list) Thanks)

Wow! Beautiful! Nice work!


thanks natashahall!

and follow)


thank you mxzn!

Simply awesome!

I think I should sell my nikon D750 and get a cheaper dope camera. epic picture


you don't have to do it...:))

Amazing! One of the best BW landscapes I've seen recently and I just finished judging for the #bwphotocontest this morning!

Also, if you "open image in new tab" in Chrome at least, it will show on a black background. It looks good. :)


I do appreciate it! Cheers!

I dig the Clouds! Very Spooky! @bluedomain


Yes i do like it, Near my home they flooded a part of a forest and it's very photogenic. I will post a serie later on!


look forward to it.. thanks haastrecht!

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Hauntingly beautiful. I love this :) And I've been to Lake Mulwala, it's a lovely place.


thanks Mark, I love your pro images

Nice shot. Did you use a filter on camera or have you used post processing?


Post processing in PS, cheers.

The light in the sky is just stunning!