Is Uncut Gems the Most Stressful Film Ever Made?

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I heard Adam Sandler was unlucky to get nominated for an Oscar this year after playing a role of a gambling addicted master jeweller so I was keen to watch the film that gave Adam a different transition into serious films just like Matthew McConaughey did previously. However this film should come with a health warning. Especially to people that suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. This film is not for you.
From the start the film is sheer chaos. People talking over each other, music too loud to hear the people talking over each other, things falling, people losing their temper. The moment there is quietness you take a deep breath and relax for a split second until the movie descends into chaos again.
I couldn't believe what I was watching. Films are meant to be somewhat relaxing unless it is a horror film but I needed a rest or a dark room with no-one speaking for hours after.
Don't get me wrong it is a good film and a great ending. The director clearly had a goal of creating chaos around his main character and he achieved it. It was stressful from beginning to end. At the start I turned down the TV to make sure that there was no a radio left on out in the kitchen but nope. I was the actual film.
Rotten Tomato's reviewed it and gave it a 92%. They called it anxiety inducing. The public were not so kind on it giving it 52%. I would side with Rotten Tomato's. Maybe not as high as 92% but it does what it was meant to do plus it proved Sandler has a career when the loud mouth hothead films run dry.
I actually recommend you watch it just for the experience of anxiety while watching a film. It is that good at it.

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