New Steemit Avatar Contest! Which One Do You Prefer? GIVEAWAY!

in #steemit7 years ago

Greetings My Esteemed Followers!

I need your help with something, I need you to comment below with your personal preference for my avatar here on Steemit.

Followers, upvoters and resteemers will be entered into a random draw for half of the SBD and Steem Power generated from this post, contest closes at payout closing in 7 days.


The More Upvotes, Follows and Resteems I get the Higher the Prize Pool!


Not to cast any influence on public perception but that's the way I was leaning myself...

#1 is pulling ahead with your vote. =)

Im glad that was my favorit :0)

Thanks for your vote!

All fotos are very nice but.. Duble content is boring most times, but in this case i think its the best option! The second image has a cool effect but it looks like pixeled!The tbird foto haveso much content and it make me to lose the focus!
So i vote the No1!!

These photo's are done with my 10 year old webcam on my laptop so they are pixelated as the resolution is low, like 480p =)

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