Steemit Giveaway - Free T-Shirt - Simply Upvote This Post To Win (Breaking Bad - Heisenburg)

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I used to have a small business making t-shirts, and now I'm cleaning out the closet. As a bit of a social experiment I thought I would try a competition that will give away 1 x T-shirt for simply upvoting this post. If its successful I will continue this idea with the remainder of my stock.


What do I hope to achieve?

I'm not really sure, but I thought it would be interesting to gauge what kind of engagement I could get. Could this be a new part of steemit, real giveaways from steemit users to other steemit users. I mean, if I cover the postage with upvotes then I will be happy, and consider this a success.


The shirt I'm giving away is a 100% Cotton, mens tshirt in red, with a great Breaking Bad inspired Heisenburg pencil sketch on the front in black print. All you need to do is upvote and if you win I will send you the shirt.


At the end of 24 hours, I will use to generate a number from the total number of votes this post has received. I wil announce the winner in the comments., and ship the shirt out to you.

Play along, you've got nothing to lose except for a free shirt ! :p

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Great idea ! I wish you much success ! I loved Breaking Bad , I mean who didnt ! It was the BEST show ever , and I would LOVE A HEISENBURG T SHIRT !!! Good luck with awesome initiative and t shirt give away !!! ❤❤❤❤❤

thanks Karen. Good luck

will be interesting to see the results - likely gain some followers as well

I hope so :)

cool shirt

Cool idea


Cool giveaway! I hope you are able to cover the cost of shipping from the payout at least :)

if I cover the shipping great, if not I dont mind doing this as an experiment. I like seeing what works and doesnt work within the steemit community :)



Great idea. Good luck up upvoted

thanks and good luck

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