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See these odds below?  Ever since I won 1000 Steem from this casino, 20% win odds for me and now I'm completely in the red overall.  Site will not give a more detailed history.  I am not a professional gambler, however, been at it for about 15 years and even when I only follow Vegas "cheat sheet" blackjack rules I win at least 40-45% of the time on the low end.  Notice how I lose 8 in a row and they are all the higher bets.  So factor in actual losses I figure house edge is about 70% here.  Bullshit.  Someone needs to police these so called "Provably Fair" casinos, because this isn't the only one that uses cheap tactics like this.  There isn't even any creativity in this mouthbreather's "bleed the player out" programming fix.  That percentage rings true over about 100 hands for me.  Done with gambling on steemit.  Scammers mucking up the works.  Dicks.

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