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Please welcome CoinTracker now advertising on Steemit!

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David Jefferys | Business Development | Steemit, Inc.

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I hope these advertisers realize the power of having their own social presence here as well similar to @coingecko who even have their own witness. :)


Exactly. Unlike in banner advertising, owning an account and some Steem Power buys you influence and there is also a possibility of gaining from the appreciation of STEEM.


yes, completely agree! -- On an advertiser is not just paying and competing to get some attention but becoming part of a community!

It smeelling logic :) finally...

Can you add the Steem profile?

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Coin Tracker is a legit business with a great product.
Good to see them here.

@birdinc : appreciate your hard work!

Makes a great pairing and exactly what we want to see. Nicely done.

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