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RE: A call to separation of powers in Steemit

in #steemit4 years ago

I'm very interested in cloning Steem and giving it a classic fair start. No ICO, no ninjamine, no premine, just an announcement that it's launching. I'm not sure how you do that and fund a frontend, but maybe it's not too challenging.

The point would be that we'd start with everybody on an even playing field, and we'd be able to see how the community would evolve from that point.


@biophil - thanks for inspiring my post I'm gonna do later today: "Why Does Steemit Need To Reach A Unanimous Agreement To Hardfork Like Ethereum? -To 'Smoke Out' All That Blatantly Pre-mined Steem Power (SP)."

You would have to re implement from scratch as the license for the blockchain code does not allow forking. Alternately you could try to convince Steemit Inc that this experiment is worth doing as Galos did. The convincing in that case included a large payment, so I'm not sure how you make that business model work in the context of a fair launch.

This is an EXCELLENT IDEA - a new start means we don't have to 'smoke out' all that pre-hidden systematically pre-mined SP. Either disseminate it quickly or die a slow STEEM price to ZERO>>>>>>>0! Your 4 votes says it all.

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