Is SBD Finding A New Floor at $5? Is it really stable now?

in steemit •  10 months ago

Remember when I said that SBD would stabilise around $5 USD?

I had told Frank and I commented about it on some posts here on Steemit.

This was when it was at $10 and I knew that was too high. Everyone was worried it would crash back down and go below $1. So then Dan Larimer was interviewed by WAM and specified about the $1 floor that allows SBD to go up but never go down below $1. And then it crashed even more drastically than it shot up.

I didn't base this on fact, I didn't base this on statistics. It was a mere hunch, just one of those feelings, and it sounded good in my mind and seemed to make sense.

SBD seemed to have stabilised around $3 a few weeks ago, after dipping back down to almost a dollar, but in my mind it just seemed as though the new average value for SBD would be around $5 and it would be there for a good while. And I had had this feeling since SBD hit $10.

So now that while begins. We shall see if my hunch is a premonitory feeling, or if it's just that I like the number 5 and it seems like a good number to me.

All I know is that for the past week, SBD has been fluctuating within the $5 spectrum and seems to have found a stable flooring on that level for now.


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Im new here but I cant believe that it was trading at $14+ at one point! When I started here I a couple weeks ago I had no idea that the peg was broken...imagine my surprise! I hope that it does somewhat stablize around $6 but who knows, as steemit grows we could see it go back near the all time highs. (But what do I know? im new lol!)


Even if you're new, you still have observation skills that could be more accurate than any crypto expert's out there. Who knows. It's possible. But seeing it stabilise is nice, it makes it look less volatile and helps bring in and keep new users.

I agree the stabilisation is nice and bodes well for Steemit too

Nice post from you @binkyprod.
Am new but I seem to understand your point. I think the rate is fair enough.

Thanks for sharing this information.


Thank you.