How Do I Edit My Steemit Header To Include A Banner?

in steemit •  10 months ago

I'm so proud of my new banner, I want to slap in on everywhere.

How do I make it a thing on Steemit? How can I adjust and edit my header?


BinkyProd Banner v10.jpg

EDIT: Thanks to @stormriderstudio I was able to do it. This original banner is a bit big for Steemit. I will try some of my other ones.

This is the one that fits best.
Banner for Fb v1.jpg

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If you go into Settings, then Cover Image and put the url of the banner then it should appear as your header. I put the URL below for you.

https://steemitimages. com/0x0/https://steemitimages. com/DQmZqqaHZEwieWCP3tcp4bqcBPusN2pjC2jTEYDCUffZXr8/BinkyProd%20Banner%20v10.jpg

(remove the space from . com - note there's 2 of them)


Thank you so much. I'll have to adjust it since it cuts it up. I have other versions that I made for Twitter and YouTube, so maybe one of those will fit better.


Yea, I don't know what the dimensions or requirements are. Best bet is to find someone with a banner that looks "right" and then right click and save the image, look at it in photoshop and copy the dimensions etc


Yeah, I went with one version that makes the whole thing fit. I might try other adjustments in photoshop, but for now, this is good :)

As pretty as it is, I'd advise against using it on Steemit right now. The info that Steemit automatically displays overlayed on the text in your banner makes it a confusing mess. That's why I have a generic "urban" type banner while I figure out what I wanna do. Might make for a good footer after your posts though.


Thanks for the tips. Maybe I'll make a version where I take out some of the text to leave room for the Steemit overlay text or something.

it looks really awesome, you did it so cool @binkyprod


Thanks. I'm getting more and more savvy in Photoshop ;)