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Or at least I seem to have a problem.

As I really do not like how steemit forced it's policy changes some time ago. I decided NOT to check the boxes on the policy wall.


And the above image is the only thing I see whenever I go to Steemit.
So it was good to have busy.org and now also steempeak.com

A couple of times people told me to vote on witnesses and than pointed me to that page the I'm not allowed to use.
Steemit even blocks me to MY wallet, with the STEEM / SBD I earned.
And that's why I will not agree with that policy BS if it is presented to me in THIS STUPID MANNER.

Though as Steem is not steemit inc. and platforms like steempeak and buy exist I wonder if there is another way to vote on witnesses.

I tried to find my way to /~witness on other platforms but without luck.

Thanks to the great @davemccoy I'm now a bit closer to this witness voting stuff. Yet I don't know what witness to vote for. Or at least have a list of BS artists that I should avoid.

Dave reccomended to @steemcommunity @danielsaori @yabapmatt in addition to @jackmiller and @fulltimegeek So that seems to be a big step in the right direction. If only I knew other ways to vote on any of them then trough that horrible policy-walled steemit page.

Dear witnesses any witness for that matter please tell me why I should vote on you. And be aware that I don't like politics.
So I don't need Trump-like promises. I need hard facts. So that others can give controversial comments.

I'm going all Ronald Reagan now and say:


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Yep, there sure is.

Simplest way that I can recommend is using steemian.info


a page put together by @drakos (witness)

Simply click on the green thumb pointing up next to the name of the witness you wish to vote for and via steemconnect you approve it and bob's your uncle.

This is what I would recommend to everyone and anyone, not only for voting but for a multitude of other information that is out there.

The site is FANTASTIC!


Interesting, I had not heard og that site before. Will have a look!

I was thinking to do a "witness article" today, you just gave me a nudge to do it, hope to see you there.


I never looked into witnesses as I had no idea what that was about until recently. It will be great to have more insight in the witness stuff and specially to hve more information on how to make educated votes. I'm the kind of voter who uses voting ballots as a canvas (to make the ballot invalid, so that I have turned up and my vote 'counts' though the ballot is invalid, so i voted on nobody in a manner that cannot be corrupted. Blank votes can for instance be tampered with.) ...that aside .... I nolonger may vote as my ID has expired, so that saves some time in real life :-D

Now I need to get into voting all over again.... So I want to make sure that I my vote does NOT go to the wrong 'party'.


You have my list and why, and in the real world I have not voted for many years, and no longer even have ID or a passport, I refuse to play that game, though on here, if you want to help control the narrative, you will need to vote bro.


All of this voting will just follow the same trajectory as real life. corruption will control the narrative if corruption is not being dealt with. And as corruption is not solved at the core it will be a serious problem. Just like Privacy is not a core thing. The two together really make me worry. As the corrupt ones have ways to keep secrets, and they make use of their abillity to see into 'norrmal' users privacy (the wallet)

Just like government is secretive about their wallets and abuse their powers to look into all citizenz bank accounts by the way of the tax machine. And we all know how that went wrong. And an open waller reveals FAR MORE privacy to everyone.

Government will never use open wallets, and by giving open wallets of citizens TO the government is asking for trouble. And yes open wallets do provide some insight in 'basic' corruption. But the coin masters already know how to go around it and average users don't.

If on the street, you look in anyones wallet without asking they punch you in the face. And I don't blame them.

I want to know
Who What Where Why and When someone has looked into my wallet, and ASK MY PERMISSION to have a look.

In the USA Kids kill each other for a pair of shitty plastic sneakers. Now there are people with much more value in their wallets then a lump of plastic. This is asking FOR crime. as an excuse to stop a crime that can't be stopped this way. The cowboy mentality will kick in sooner or later and then what?

The millenial mobster will say Stick'em up kid, i know how much you have in your wallet. And on facebook i have seen what you have spend it on.

That said, for government an open wallet really would solve a lot of BS.

Hi @bifilarcoil

Our introduction post lays out our vision: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@steemcommunity/introducing-steemcommunity-a-witness-project-by-abh12345-and-paulag

And recently, we have partnered with one of the largest inclusive curation groups on Steem, @c-squared.


We run the engagement league (from my account), the red fish power-up league (from @paulag's account), and the minnow power-up league from @steemcommunity, the witness account.

Hopefully you can find the time to read the links above and judge that we are one of the good guys.



:-) unfortunately those two links are blocked with....
A policy wall

But I will navigate my way around it.. :-) It's just that it wastes so much time that it makes me lazy. Maybe I should do an article about my findings, O damn, that need me to snap out of lazy mode....
Thanks @abh12345!


Ah yes, the policy wall. 😐 Nice job on working around it, I hope you find the links helpful.