RE: Another DDoS Attack On Steemit? Will It Get Worse?

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Another DDoS Attack On Steemit? Will It Get Worse?

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AMEN to that. Believe me, it is a LOT MORE COMPLICATED than people think, especially those who believe that Crypto/The Blockchain will just magically take the power out of the hands of the elite. There are scenarios where it will do that, but there are also SOME scenarios where it could even give them more power.

But that is definitely THE question. :)

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Unfortunately the question it is. (sorry yoda) That is the rub with everything.
A sword can be used to protect as well as used to destroy. The blockchain tech used to empower will be liberating. Used to imprison it will be insidious.
Knowledge and discernment will always be more powerful.
If the internet is any guide, one can deduce some blockchain winners.
And humanity will continue to grind itself to pulp for the watchers.