I present problem to publish since Markdown editor presents problem

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Hello friends Steemians today I am trying to publish in stemit, but the Markdown has presented me with a problem since I did not allow myself to italicize or expand titles sometimes I want to delete a word that was wrong and after removing the word the same word it makes me appear after I already deleted it.

I do not know if you will be presenting the same problem as me since yesterday I present this problem with my steemit and I hope that this problem will be solved soon. I had to use busy.org to publish and to know if you have this problem.

I'm not very good at posting on busy.org since it is more complicated to use your markdown more than anything else when I want to add a link and you can see it because my publication is simple and nothing special. Maybe if I were a witness I would understand all these flaws that in occations presents steemit.

I have been encouraged to be a witness I will start to be a course to learn HTML format and little by little hire nourishing my mind of knowledge to be a great entrepreneur always keeping in mind that when I'm at the top I look down and help those who supported me my process and also support the most needed as I said before start without support here in steemit is very difficult for new members who enter and many of them get discouraged and leave the platform.

I do not want to be this very long publication because that bores a bit I am not one of the writers who publish wonders but little by little I am grasping knowledge and returning to the subject of the title.

Do you have a problem with your markdown in steemit?

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