400 Followers: These are my favourite posts!

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So I'm not quite @ 400 so this might be a bit embarrassing.


So I am starting to come into my own on steemit.
It was a rough start the first 30 days. I wrote plenty of n00b articles; some useful, and some
full of crap.

But that's ok! We have to test the market. To be honest, it is kinda ridiculous when someone posts a picture of a shitty looking pizza, and it fetches $60 for it.


Those are things that make you go hmmmm

I have met people operating bots, caught the attention of whales with my quick whit and philosophical mind. I also learned how to say sorry for a miss- understanding. So I can learn an adapt.

Most of all I also found help to boost me from a few very nice people. So NETWORK people! Comment thoughtfully!

I also found @whaleshares very helpful if you catch the right ear!

I have also done something, which I didn't think was possible, and that was to get into a habit.

I generally post a daily comedy clip of my choice. At least try to start your day/my day with something humorous; sometimes not..

I plan to periodically write up my own journal as a minnow and post the highlights. I do my daily comedy pick me up. I even do the health daily because, why not?


Perhaps I'll do a dolphin journal soon.

If you treat steemit correctly, it will treat you correctly back.



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Good attitdue! I know it can be disheartening to see what looks like a 'shitpost' rake in $$s, while a carefully crafted item close to your heart goes down like a lead balloon!

But we are all early adopters, and persistence will pay off long-term.

Congratz !!!!!

Interesting dear.. however there is no point to think of specific content just write what you want to 😊😊

Congratulations on your 400!

Impressive! Looking for more posts!

I know the feeling as well. You're doing great. Just don't give up because your time is here and now and being you and posting quality content will move you forward to where you can reach more people.

thank you sir.

best of luck I see 400 is getting closer!

Cool post - following you now @bearbear613

right back at you

thanks for sharing


still better then pizza