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RE: Steemit Needs Series: Please comment with your ideas to improve Steemit!! | E. 9 | July 14th, 2017 | Community Engagement | Archives to help Developers / Community.

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hello @barrydutton, My opinion of how steemit can improve! I would like steemit to make a kind of guide, it can be images or videos, regarding how to grow on this platform! How to create post of better quality, which are the most specific missions, such as withdrawing funds. In a few words to give the community certain goals! I for example am new, and to be able to find out how steemit works I had to ask for third party opinions! However if steemit could make the corresponding guides everything would be much better. Greetings I hope my comment will help you, I follow you brother, I hope so too, thank you


Best advice I've found for new Steemians. Comment Comment Comment. Make sure your comments are good quality (don't just spam). Find a group/community to grow in. You can join #teamusa, #thl, #teamaustralia, or join the minnowsupport project. All great communities I've found. Post about things you enjoy and not just things that you think will make you money. Goals are to increase the value of steemit by doing said above things and creating new communities for topics you enjoy that might not have communities yet. I think steemit doesn't do this beacuse they want you to find people who make great posts about the topics you were just talking about to get you to discover great content creators.

Ok, what does join a group mean? Take Minnie support. Someone commented I should go there and join it. I went, but there is no place to join. Is joining following the page? If it is then people should say go follow, not go join. Words mean things.

For new people especially, it's not clear how to do what is suggested in "joining" a group. And how does following a recommended page help? That is not clear to a new comer.

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