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I started my Steemit journey about 2 months ago and since then I've been able to gain a nice audience, earn some coin and witness the platform double in size! It's absolutely amazing and I'm excited for it to hit over 1,000,000 registered accounts next year!

I just wanted to thank you all so much!

If you haven't started your brand on here yet, I highly encourage you to do so. Begin by creating daily posts, engaging with your community and striving to better yourself each day/week/month :) Promote it outside of the platform, and then wait for the lamborghinis to spruce out of the ground (I hope you planted your Murcielagos? It's summertime after all!)

Here was my introductory post btw:


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Congrats buddy, keep it up! We're all rooting for you :)

Congrats Avi I just mentioned you and your video about steemit 2 months ago in my recent blog just saying thanks. Peace out have a good day ✌🏿


<3333 thank you mate

Congrats! You are the reason why I'm here.

Congratz! Let's get you in the top 10 most followed steemit accounts!


hey lets help each other . u follow me and vote my post and i will follow u and vote your post.

Congrats Bro, Hope You Make It To 10,000 :)

Congrats! Loved your vid... /post.

As for corks, watch this (not my creation)


Whoa awesome im happy for u mate. U were around 600 followers when i followed u i think steem on mate...... Steemit first supercars blogger said hello if you like super heavy cars checkout our blog

Congrats! You made great progress here

Congrats.. I have been here for just 10 days and having really enjoying it. :)

youre welcome !!!! congrats on the HUGE number!

Congrats mate. BTW that sig banner is a killer lol


Thank you ;) Gotta keep it straight and honest lol

Congratulations, that is an awesome achievement in such a short time as well as a nice reputation score. Well done ... and thanks for the inspiration. You have my upvote (even though I am still a tadpole, not even yet a minnow :) )

Congrats man!!! I heard about Steemit from your YouTube account and I honestly fell in love!!! It is definitely the best platform out there for people like us. I only joined a few days ago but can already see the potential this place has! I post art (poetry and articles [sometimesssss stories]) and I know that I will be able to find people who are just like me on here!

I plan to post daily as you advised, as I have lots of quality (at least in my opinion) content in store for all you Steemiters (is that a word? haha)

Anyway, how is living in Warsaw, Poland? I'm from there, well not Warsaw, but have some family living there. It's great!

Once more..... Dziękuje! haha :P

Congrats avilsd ur deserve it. I followed you.

Love the YouTube channel. I actually heard of steemit from you. I've been a follower ever since I found your channel looking up phenibut back when you were in Chicago.

Hey, I saw your comment in one the posts about NEM and I was going to spam your content, but man, I don't know why I didn't find your stuff earlier? Does youtube hides your content because of your topics?

Congratulations. Hopefully from 1000 follower there is my account name and hopefully can be maintained. by @atafauzan79

wwwwwwww so popular

This is a good way!
Good luck!


Thank you Deleni for helping on the journey :)

Can you please advise on how to get more followers