The Controllers and The Silencers

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Last year, I wrote up a post conveying what I learned from Published Illustrators and Authors. I had always speculated gatekeepers being those choosing what can or cannot be published. However, the real controllers are those deciding which content gets distributed to the book stores. This control is in the hands of bean counters on which material will provide the largest return in sales, and money.



I get business requires a ROI (Return on Investment). However, what happens when your content does not align with those in charge. Simple, your content does not receive the large platform. Independent content makers are therefore resigned to find alternative means. Hence, Amazon gives everyone the ability to provide their content through their platform, and CreateSpace allows individuals to print that material for distribution. This still cost time and money on the author, with a small chance of getting eyes on their content. Additionally, the self=publishing availability has flooded the market.

Many turn to social platforms for marketing. However, what I am now seeing is TOS (Terms of Services) changing, pushing certain content makers away. This is found in YouTube's new algorythm or Facebook's new method of censoring. Here is the kicker. These companies are not the government, rather business entities and they have the right and ability to not allow you to use their system.

5. You are not guaranteed free speech by anyone other than the government. Only the government may not infringe upon your right to free speech. An individual corporation, such as Facebook, absolutely 100% has the legal right to "silence" you on their service, for any reason, at any time, regardless of whether you like it or not. [Source]
Unfortunately, I have been a victim of these blocks. I still cannot share a link from any of my websites.


Recently, I have seen this also in my Instagram feed. That link Instagram is referring too? My author website.


So what does that leave me? Currently, I am using and Steemit. From there, no idea.

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