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I'm loving all these new ui changes introduced today!

Improvements all around - Thankyou to everyone that worked on these updates :D

My most wanted feature has been some insight into traffic stats, especially since spotted some of my pizzagate posts being linked all over the place lately.

After a quick dig through the last month of posts, I took screenshots of my viewcounts aaand

These are my top 3 most viewed posts

after only 12 hours of stat collection!

# 3 - 61 views

Podestaleak , Pedoring & Cheesybay research dump Part 1

# 2 - 144 views

Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ [Pizza Parties Exposed]

# 1 - 304 views

Persons of Interest 🔎 James Achilles Alefantis aka jimmycomet at Comet Ping Pong

A few questions & thoughts :

  • Is there another way to see the overall view counts across the whole site ?

  • Will these traffic stats start to be used for new post sorting options ?

  • Can we please have view counts visible in the category/index views as well ?

  • Whats your most popular post ?

Update - The Alefantis compilation is now at 451 views, despite being a month old and valued at $5.

For comparison, todays automated daily curie post made ~$141 for 499 votes but was only actually viewed 60 times in the same timeframe ..

Showing view counts is going to make it really obvious what posts actually get read, and who gets autovotes ;)

Thanks for all your hard work devs!

~ @ausbitbank ~

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I wonder how are the views counted.. 1 minute minimum? scrolled to the bottom? no idea.

Good question, went to try and figure it out and it looks like it happens on page load from the changes , or when a "popup" window loads - no scroll detect or timer that I can see ..

Anyway, the small additions today, everything's really looking good now :p
even the eye icon looks awesome haha

agree! sneak really did a good job with the team!

sneak did this? Thats is awesome, he is very skilled.

well the dev team did it. but sneak is in charge of them. so yes he did it

my best guess: just request of access to the post.

Looks that way yeah

...and by different logged in accounts?

The latest updates are AWESOME..!! Thanks for sharing. Following and upvoted as always.

I recently made a blog that your followers may have missed and would like to see.

The scalability of Steem and Steemit is simply mind blowing..!!

Thanks again for sharing your blog. Stephen

I was surprised by it too. A very welcome addition! Just to clarify, the view counts start with the update, right? Because, some of my most voted posts have just 1 view haha

Aha yeah when I first checked not long after the steemitblog post nearly all of my posts were at 1 view except the ones I listed - it'll be interesting to see how many actual views some of the trending posts get vs votes :P

Hopefully we can get at this data site-wide somehow..

Haha! Yeah, that's what I'm interested to find out as well. I really want to know how many people actually bother opening a post instead of blindly voting. That would be a really helpful insight.

Wow this is extremely awesome. This new change really shows what value a post is bringing to community long term and short term, beyond the rewards. In some case, it is actually a better measurement than upvotes.

I also really love the nickname changes, the phrase being added, and addable links options. Thanks for the update and the analysis of your post views.

Agreed, very cool...

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