beta - Track steem marketcap and trends

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Want to see how steem/steemit compares to other social media platforms in terms of market capitalization ?

You're in luck - beta just launched !
Current features:

  • See the current marketcap, price, trading volume and coinmarketcap rank of steem
  • Pulls live marketcap and trade information on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Shows google search trend graphs for "steem" "steemit" and "steemian".
  • Shows live tweets for steem related keywords and users
  • Works nicely on my phone for a quick check of price and twitter buzz

I hope people find it useful, feel free to suggest changes or features you'd like!

Upcoming features:

  • A layout that doesn't disgrace my family.
  • A more complete collection of stock data for companies steemit will displace.
  • Displaying the next closest competitors marketcap on our path to world domination
  • Live user counts for steemit, estimates for competitors
  • More customization over google trends and twitter searches

Lets all help make steemit the #1 social media platform !
Edit 1 : Added a 2 day view of Google Trends, added Bitcoin and Ethereum for comparison, shuffled columns

Edit 2 : Added highlighting based on 24hr % change

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