Powering Up - Just passed 1000 steem power :D [ I'm all into steemit! ]

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The last few weeks have been a crazy ride.

It's now day 28 since I discovered steemit , and it's already changed my world in so many ways.

Discovering steemit happened at the perfect time for myself and my partner @krystle .
We've been into crypto since the $20 bubble back in the day, but with 2 non-verbal autistic kids things have been a little rough .

The great crypto boom was the biggest financial gain of our lives, and we poured it into therapy for our kids because the best research we'd come across suggested that focused early intervention gives the best results for non-verbal autistic kids .

All up this cost around $250k over 3 years ... (and counting)

Before finding steemit we had just finished paying off heaps of overdue bills and had barely managed to afford to "fix" our overheating car - wiping out our tiny savings yet again. We're not normally the luckiest people around...

Imagine my surprise when in my very first week here I made about $2165 USD / $2822 AUD (!) on my steemviz post .

Right before my daughters 7th birthday , and our car died on us , twice . This money was an amazing gift from steemit and we made it go a long way .

It's been especially exciting the last few days, and I'm convinced that its only going to get crazier as word of mouth spreads and media attention grows on our "little corner" of the interwebs. I've been trying to recruit awesome content creators for weeks already.
I've barely slept since I found this place, I'm up all night being more productive and motivated than I have for ages.

Early in the morning I discovered this in my inbox

As soon as @lukewearechange messaged with his intro post link I had the strongest fomo urges of my life.

I had been having very little success in my #downtherabbithole posts , and I had started to wonder how many steemians had truly taken the red pill.

All doubts dissapeared when I saw the support the community is giving for Luke :)

Votes came in from everywhere, including the founders @dan and @ned , and a heap of the top witnesses like @complexring @enki @roadscape and @wackou to name a few.

And then theres all the donations from such pillars of the community like @stella-belle @officialfuzzy @acidyo and @tim-johnstone - and even a specific video guide for how to donate to Luke by @officialfuzzy

This level of interest from such top players in the steemit community was a nice reminder that I'm not alone in my views.

I've now introduced a heap of people to steemit in person too, and got to witness that light bulb moment when they realize the full potential of this opportunity to tell their unique stories to the world, without censorship AND GET PAID FOR IT.

I'm all into steemit!

Thanks to some fluke timing with the pump and then the hack I now have a chance to reinvest in this community for the long term.

I may just be a minnow, but I'm all into steemit !

I'm now fully committed to investing both my time and my money into steemit !
Who else has taken the plunge ?

@ausbitbank and my partner @krystle for more
@steemleak to support wikileaks with votes
Traders - Trade Steem/SBD easier with my custom indicator
Steemians - Watch the steem blockchain live with steemviz.com
Investors - Watch the steem marketcap grow with steemcap.com
Night Owls - Lets not go blind today with my Steemit Dark theme
Critical Thinkers - Come join me as we venture #downtherabbithole

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You have my upvote and follow. Love to help out. Steemit has started to consume me, however I work 7 days a week. And have for the last 4 months. My time is limited, but I spend most of my time away from work on Steemit. I have invested over 300 SP and will invest 1K at the end of the week. Steem on!


and oh, btw. I found your post via a new steem site called steemups.com . Website courtesy of a fellow Steemian @saulius . Go check it out and give him a look.


Very cool thx for the headsup

Congratz! How does it feel wielding such force? Cheers

This is great to hear. It seems that a lot of people are having your same experience. I know when my first post was a success I was hooked!

Congrats! I love this quote:

I've barely slept since I found this place, I'm up all night being more productive and motivated than I have for ages.

Yep. I feel the same way, and I've been here a month also.

Congratulations ! Now you're a dolphin :D ?


Sure why not - Dolphin powahhh

(credits @bleepcoin source)

I'm new to steemit and I'm totally into it...


Aha, the addiction begins :) May god have mercy on your soul

congrats i'am waiting my turn i hope this will happen soon


It'll happen sooner or later if you keep at it, I followed and upvoted your intro post - good luck!


thank you

Congrats! I'm mostly lurking around and voting for others for now since I'm trying to figure out what content is appreciated and finding a topic I like to blog about. But I think Powering Up is a wise thing to do these days.


I'm still trying to figure out where to focus my time, there's so much amazing talent here - but I'm determined to find a place in this new society somewhere :)

Hi nice post, I'm all into steemit too :-), maybe can take me a long time to get 1000SP but i´m power up every single cent i can afford.


Take my upvote, good luck buddy

awesome ausbank :) keep going bud


Thanks @mrgrey! Cant stop, wont stop :)

Great post and message, congratulations on making it to 1,000+ Steem and helping your family along the way! So glad I started following you. Upvoted!


Awesome, can't wait to see your future content!

always love reading people's reactions after their post got liked very much by the community.


Aha, its awesome - I really didn't expect it to take off like it did . This place can feel like every post is a lottery ticket sometimes

wooow what an amazing family you sound like, this post is GREAT. I wish you all much continued love and wisdom


Aww thanks @elissahawke much appreciated :)

Heck yeah!

I've been powering up too mate, we're gonna have good times ahead.


Moon or bust 2018


A term that traders use, "Fear of Missing Out" on a trade or a deal .. In bitcoin futures especially you can see the fomo on the chart when the trend changes direction etc..