๐ŸŽˆ My journey to 200 followers and beyond ๐ŸŽˆ Stats and thoughts on steemit and the future ๐ŸŽˆ

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I just passed my first 200 followers!

Feels like time for a milestone post with some stats and ponderings on what I've learned along my journey so far.

It's now been 58 days since I joined steemit , and 3 weeks since I passed 100 followers and a lot has changed in this time.

For a start there are heaps of steemtools available now so I can do neat things like this:

My top 5 voters - thanks to @kurtrohlandt 's steempixel
Get your own (and more) at steempixel.com

Besides the rapidly expanding ecosystem of steem tools, we've seen all sorts of rule changes, site upgrades, more organised voting groups , crazy price action, celebrities and scams, daily dramas and flag wars. Its chaos. I love it.

I've been pulling a lot of all nighters splitting focus between @steamleak steemface, steemviz (and more) whilst simultaneously doing my best to curate , comment and network with current and future steemians across facebook, twitter, steemit.chat and meatspace!

Networking was among many things I had taken a break from since my 2 autistic kids changed my world. Jumping back in the deep end socially and trying to remain genuine and true to my morals and ethics whilst simultaneously trying to promote myself and my partner and be a good member of the community is a challenge - but I think I'm getting better at it.

My follower graph thanks to @heimindanger 's SteemWhales
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Despite my efforts networking and getting some good feedback most of my posts brought in very little in the early days. I spent a while kinda freaking out that I couldn't find my niche, feeling frustrated at such huge payments going to the same people day after day for what I considered low quality content.

Words used in my posts thanks to @sandwich 's steem.cloud
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Early on I tried what I had previously been making money with back in the before time technical analysis posts, then described different trading techniques and even released a custom indicator for steem & sbd .

By this point I had already launched steemviz v1 , steemcap and @steemleak and the obsession and lack of sleep took its toll. I hit a wall and suddenly got a cold (still got it), steem price jumped then crashed and bitfinex got hacked right around my 32nd birthday.

I got a little deflated at the lack of response on all my recent posts and thought I had just gotten lucky with my early success. I took some time to catch up on a little bit of sleep and try to get well.

...But I'm far too addicted to stay away for long

And this whole time little by little, day after day I've watched things changing - the daily trending posts slowly rose in quality whilst simultaneously earning less . More individuals are being rewarded for their quality work*, and comment quality is increasing as our army of anti-spam and plagiarism people and bots get more efficient at their jobs.

I've just kept plugging away the whole time, deciding to "come out" as a conspiracy theorist and start my #downtherabbithole series of posts.


Things feel like they have started to turn around ever since I did my introduction post, I had been holding back a bit - despite my complete obsession with steemit I hadnt introduced myself. I hope this is the turning point it feels like.

I've also been regularly trying out the promotion system since it was introduced without a whole lot of luck either yet, heres todays attempt for @krystle 's awesome maps that you should check out here

~$6.642 to get to the top of art and fiction for 24hrs

After all this time looking for a niche, I'm starting to feel like I dont want one. I like being able to post whatever interests me, without artificially limiting myself because ultimately I want to attract followers like me - not limiting themselves or their world view to a "niche".

So here we are after 58 days and 675 posts, meeting countless amazing people and giving me fresh hope for a possible future reality - and my Steem Power would bring me:

Power down stats - thanks to @mauricemikkers steamdollar.com
See my full stats here

$47 a month may not sound like a lot to some, but it would actually make a massive difference to our family. Despite that I'm powering up for the future because I believe in the massive potential of steem , and I'm doing everything I can to promote and build useful tools to take steem to the moon.

I'm in this for the long haul , who's with me ?

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I'm with you! People have mistakenly thought I've been scrambling for money to cash out. I'm scrambling for money to power up! So much potential! I could use a mentor if you are looking for a protege lol


Aha good to hear - the potential is insane :)
I'm flattered, I'm already following you and will offer advice where I can but I'm far from an expert at anything :P

However.. you're the fifth push today towards an idea @krystle and I have been developing - making some sort of collaborative editing/review process for mentoring . I want to try and give users with language and disability barriers the same chance to put out polished articles by coordinating a team of volunteer editors/reviewers and giving them tools to make this is easy as possible. Yet another thing on the massive list of projects that I'll take on if nobody else does..

ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

That is sort of like our "guild of translators" thing. While translating we use google docs for colaborative editing, and then post the result. There is a main translator, and everyone else are editors. The proceeds of the posts go to power up the translator (at least in the @rustedmitblog, project). We got an okay from @ned, @dantheman & @infovore about translating their works for Russian speaking audiences, a lot of whom have trouble reading English. We might look into translating others, but we lack translators so far. :-)


This a great idea, i need to keep track of all of these groups and figure out what features would be most useful, what difficulties people have etc and see if i can make something to make your jobs easier

ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

I love these milestone posts, because each one reminds me how Steemit is so new and exciting. The other things we usually measure in weeks and months are new relationships and babies! Good luck to you an your family.


It's definately been exciting to watch - this little place is growing up so fast
You have some cool content, followed :)

ย  ยท ย 3 years ago


ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

I am glad to hear and I would love to work with you on promoting some of your tools. If you can program it I am happy to promote it. Going to promote this post for you and see what it does. Up 10 SBD, what people don't realize is that we can promote each others content as well. Cheers!


Oh wow @hilarski thanks so much! The random charity promotions are such an awesome feature :)
If you have ideas on new tools for the community I'm all ears contact anytime in steemit.chat

ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

I will let you know if I can think of anything to do. My mind is blank at the moment. It looks like that 10 sbd didn't accomplish much but it was worth a shot.

ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

@ausbitbank - I am so happy that we are connected.
YES, please share stories about you and your family! I've been using SteemViz and I love it! It's really cool watching the comments, upvotes and everything else that it watches. It's a lot of eye candy. LOL
I haven't really visited steem.chat but I see a lot of people communicate there. Maybe I need to get on board there.

Now what the heck is meatspace??? Sounds...filthy. LOL
Oh...and unless you're raking in the dough hand over fist, don't waste you hard earned SD on promotion. You need at least 300SD to show up toward the top. Small amounts are just being donated to @null and you'll be scrolling for a while before you find your post. I've tried it because I was curious.


Aww thanks @merej99 I'll give it a go - the personal stories are a little awkward for me still, and @krystle seems to do better with them but I'll try when I get inspired :)

Glad you're enjoying steemviz , it's a bit of an eye opener when you watch it for long enough - I've started feeling like I'm "missing out" if I don't have the live view up which is terrible for productivity lol..

https://steemit.chat is great , I just setup the android app today so I can be on there more often :P

And yeah meatspace does sound dirty ;) I've read way too much cypherpunk fiction so I use it too often probably:

noun: meatspace; noun: meat-space

the physical world, as opposed to cyberspace or a virtual environment.
"I'd like to know a little more before we talk about a get-together in meatspace"

I think I'm nearing the end of my personal promotion experiments - I'll keep a small budget for minimum promotion of each article (so at least its in the bottom of the promotion view on each category) but day after day I see big money being thrown at it with little results.

Sometimes it's almost like whales are boycotting by not voting on promoted posts - but I cant understand why a rational actor would do this whilst invested in the long term survival of the platform.. Its a shame, but things constantly evolve here so it may not always be the case...

Thanks for the great feedback merej99 :)


BTW - I'll just point it out since in almost a week I don't think anybody noticed - hover your mouse over the steemviz v2 at the bottom ;)

ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

Until I hit whale status, my SD is going in the bank or investing in Steem.
As for writing more personal things, my favorite quote comes to mind: Write hard and clear about what hurts ~ Ernest Hemingway
When you dig deep and tell your truths people will relate. They connect by seeing their own flaws through your work and make a connection. You never know that you can fly until you jump....and yeah, sometimes we go splat but hey - we all go one way or another. ;)
I hovered the mouse over the banner and saw a link to your steemit profile. Good idea for self-promotion without being in your face!


Well said - I'll do my best
With the bottom steemviz link I was actually using a version of this css3 glow effect on it , I'm trying to find a balance where it looks pretty but doesnt destroy performance - then I'll clone the same/similar effect to "highlight" relevant stories in the feed :)

I think I may have made it a little too subtle, with no background textture it doesn't pop like the original examples..

Aah well, thanks again for the great comments :)

I followed your link from @krystle . I wondered who else had promoted who new piece yesterday! Glad to meet you. I'll be following as I can see you have some interesting ideas.


Aww thanks @opheliafu thats awesome glad to have you aboard :)
Too many ideas, not enough time!

Excellent reading your post Austi, I have some similar sentiments myself and it sounds like we have/are experiencing similar conflagrations, but nonetheless I am here for the long haul as well, I just got word back that the location for my steem meetup has been approved and I will continue to experiment with my coding skills in relation to Steem as well. Be well brother.


Thanks mate , congrats I hope the meetup goes well - keep it up :)


And thank you :) I will put a post up once the meetup is done, hopefully I can convince the people who come to let me take a group photo.

ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

Im about 8 followers away from breaking the first hundred. :-)



ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

Cool, nice to have you on board! :-)

ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

I'm In It Too For The Long Haul
Keep Steeming On!


Thanks @anns - you too :)

Ok. You convinced me. You have one more follower. Best wishes for your kids!


Thanks @cryptomental , i think i was already following you, you have some cool content :)

ย  ยท ย 3 years ago

Definitely in for the long haul. I'm slowly building a following and seeing better results in interaction as well as rewards. I love to talk to people about our common interests. I've seen too much of people just clicking stuff to try and earn a few cents. That's just not interesting to me. I have a well paid job, but it's boring. I come here to brighten my day. Steemit and Steem have massive potential and I want to see where they can go.