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Let me tell you guys about one of my childhood memories. When I was a child Almost the entire school had a crush on Pens and we all used to try out best to save our Tiffin Money and buy a lot of Pens.


Apart from being a collectible in our eyes it also had another value which was to win Pen Fighting. I don't know if you guys know about this but it is a Game where we fight with Pens. We had our school Desk and we had participants, we used to get chance to hit the pens one by one and try to force the opponents pens away from the desk. You wouldn't guess how creative we used to get in those fights.

Thinking back about those times make me kind of sad as the life I am living right now is nowhere close to what I used to live back when I was a Kid. Those were fun times Man. I miss them badly.


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