Oh Look! A DRAMA Token and Then Some More STEEM related Tokens!

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Oh wow. It's good to be back online after... (counts how many months it's been since I started working as a real estate agent again...) officially 5 months of not being too active on here. There's something interesting that's been going on it seems. Haha.

I mean... Look at this cutie! 😍

Isn't it cute and cuddly? 😍 Maybe I have a thing for one eyed cute little things like Plankton. haha. I love Plankton from the Spongebob cartoon so much so that I drew my interpretation of the character months ago when I got the chance. haha. Look at him enjoying the prized Krabby Patty recipe. 😂

Or maybe he's just dreaming? 🤔🤣

Too bad I just found out now that the shirt design I submitted to a contest got a low score. 😂 Didn't check on the result until now. Doesn't matter that much if not a lot appreciated it, I still love me some one eyed cute little thangs. 😁

So how did I find out about dRama and the DRAMA token? Oh I dunno... I just stumbled on it from some musing.io question/comment maybe. 🤔 I was checking on a comment/post the other day (?) and you know how the internet works... 😂😂😂 (dramatoken had a contest {I resteemed} on who's the most dramatic here in Steemit.) One thing led to another and voila! I got a DRAMA token!!!

Had to check on Steem Engine though to see how the 1 token's doing. And surprise surprise, apparently I also have a bunch of MULA token from @artzone that I don't know what to do with yet. 😂 Should I exchange it to STEEM now or let it sit for a while in Steem-engine.com? Hmmm. 🤔

I didn't even bother with Steem-engine until dRama. ❤ (Not that I knew abt it before seeing all the DRAMA.) Maybe I should start being overly dramatic now to get some more DRAMA tokens eh? hahaha. (what fun! 😂)

To those who ain't getting what I'm talking about... If you remember or read my post about the Cosplay Token (COT) last year, the way it works is somewhat the same.

You go on Steem-engine and you have various tokens on there from different groups or people. Even Steemgigs is there... oh wait... I mean Teardrops. Heck wait... I think I got some memo about that too. (Oh boy do I have a lot of time now to bother with STEEM and its tokens... 😂)

And then because of those tokens by different people, you can exchange them to STEEM/SBD and get some FIAT out of it. (Like I will get to the bottom of each token? Uhmmmm. I want a stuffed toy of dRama. 🤣) Of course there's a small fee to exchange it but it's all good I think.

I'm not really very tech savvy so just read abt the intro on Steem-engine here.

Anyway... let's see what I'll do when I find some drama worth noting around here.

To find out more about this (cute) token on the STEEM blockchain, just visit dRama at the @dramatoken acct. 😉 You can thank @whatsup for making it too.



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