Part 2| How ToDoubled The Article Writing Speed On Mobile|Save Your Time

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Part 2| How ToDoubled The Article Writing Speed On Mobile|Save Your Time

Hello, Dear Friend's I am going to share a tutorial on "How ToDoubled The Article Writing Speed On Mobile|Save Your Time" Which is the second part in article writing as I have already shared for laptop /pc user. If you are a laptop or pc uset then you can read that post here. If you are mobile users then you can stay here for mobile methods.

Reasons Behind This Article

Reason behind this article is a large number of mobile users.

According to GSMA real-time data there now over 5.13 billion mobile devices so it means that 66.54% population of the world has mobile devices (cell phone or tablet).
According to statista, there is 3.3 billion smartphone user in the world. This data means that in the world of wireless, 42.78% of the world’s population have a smartphone today.
There are now 3.3 billion users who are using traditional social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and Blockchain-based social media ( Uptrennd, Steemit, Narrative, Hyperspace etc). So a lot of users are using mobile for article writing so this article is justified.

You can check in the following graph 'MOBILE'S SHARE OF INTERNET TIME'

Image result for mobileusers in the world 2019

image source

Step By Step Guide

Here I will share the complete method of 'Voice Typing' that will double your writing speed and save your time on Mobile.

Go to the place where you want to write an article or post on your mobile. This can be your social media Text Editor, Notes app or any other text editor on your smartphone. You can use any text editor or anywhere on your mobile as you want.
Press and hold the 'Space Button' on your keyboard for a while. You have to press the space button for 1 second or less.

When you press and hold the space button on your mobile a 'Speaker Icon' will appear on your screen.

When the 'speaker icon' appears on the mobile screen you can start speaking and it will automatically start your spoken lines.
When you have spoken a complete line or paragraph the can press ' speaker icon' to stop writing. And you will have complete, awesome article at the end. Cheers!
NoteThis function is already built-in in all smartphones if it is not working on your phone then install the Gboard keyboard on your smartphone.

If you want to write in another language then you can install your desired language by going into the setting of your keyboard.

I hope you will find this article helpful and apply it. If you have any question then ask me in the comment section.aaaaaaaaa.jpg

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