How to increase followers on Steemit - A guide for new Steemians

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I thought it would be a good time to write a post since Steem is undergoing some changes now, and new people might be coming in. Since my old guide on "how to increase your following" is ranked number 1 at google when you search "how to increase followers on steemit" I decided to make a new one, as I find it pretty bad compared to what I have learned now. Therefore, if you are struggling to get followers, try following this guide.

How To Get Followers


Steemit is a community. Actually, it's just a platform, but if you engage in the platform you make it a community. In a community, you communicate. There are plenty of ways to communicate on Steemit. Just by voting you are somehow communicating by telling people that you liked what they created, wrote, posted etc. But the best way to engage with the community is through posting and commenting. Especially commenting. Commenting makes the platform and the community feel a lot more alive. If nobody is commenting on any posts, it would be the same as speaking in front of a group of 10 people, and all they do when you finish is just to look at you. Start commenting on posts that actually has your interest or that you know something about. Nothing worse than a post from a user which clearly doesn't know anything about the topic you write about. By doing this you will quickly increase your following, and some might visit your blog. Win/win. Of course, writing posts is also a great way, but don't underestimate the power of commenting.


I have recently witnessed the power of just voting. Two weeks, or so, back I started following @acidyo streemian trail. This had an amazing effect. Streemian is a website that allows you several things, one of them following curation trails. Following a curation trail means that you are voting on the same things as the curator you're following is voting on. This has many benefits. If you don't have the time to vote all day long, or might go on vacation for a few weeks, you will still earn curation rewards. I decided to follow Acidyo as he is a manual curator, and supporting is like supporting the platform in a healthy and organic way. Go to Streemian and start following a trail!

Be Original and Don't Forget Quality

Not a surprise for anyone, right? As I mentioned, commenting, is extremely important. Be yourself, in your comments and posts. Add your thoughts, your own ideas, your own words, to the post or the comment you're creating. I simply don't upvote silly comments like "wow, great post", "I read your post, great job", as they add no quality to the platform. Steemit should be a place you go to find original posts, and by supporting such silly comments you simply want to watch steemit burn. Be yourself, and the support will come, and your pack of followers on Steemit will increase faster than ever.

Followers is not everything, but they sure help. You can check how many dead followers you have - here

As I have promoted the importance of being original, adding your ideas, thoughts, etc, I will reward the best comment/comments with a 100 % upvote and maybe some SBD/STEEM

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