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SteemSQL is a public full-text search enabled MS-SQL database with all the blockchain data.

Here is a quick recap of the previous SteemSQL posts:

What’s new?

Hardfork 0.16 support

With the forthcoming hardfork , some small changes have been required to allow the database injector to run smoothly.

Changes in the Accounts table:

  • pending_reset_authority column has been deleted
  • reset_request_time column has been deleted
  • primary key changed from column id to column name

Changes in the Comments table:

  • post column has been deleted. It was redundant with the depth field.
    You can check for depth = 0 for a post and depth > 0 for a comment
  • percent_steem_dollars column has been changed from smallint to int

Accounts table updated more frequently

Check update 1 to get more information on how this table is populated and updated.

Close monitoring of the server, which is now running for 3 months, has shown that the server is not overloaded by the many queries it has to handle. Therefore, I have increased the Accounts table update frequency which now triggers every 5 minutes.


If you need help, have any comment or request, you can contact in SteemSQL channel on steemit.chat.

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