Steemit nearly hit THE MILLION TRANSACTIONS yesterday!

in steemit •  2 years ago 

Yesterday, Steemit broke a new record with the number of daily transactions!

Fourth months ago, I was predicting steemit going to the million transactions per day. At this time, we had a 800 000 transactions per day record.

Yesterday, looking at my daily stats, I noticed Steemit nearly reached 1 million transactions per day.

We were so close ... the exact number was 996362 transactions!

Anyway, the jump is really amazing and I guess it wont be long before we pass the cap

Steemit is going to the moon!

Stay tuned !

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Easy prediction: Steem will be the first blockchain to hit the 10,000,000 transactions per day mark.

Thanks for the beautiful chart! I like the fact that it has a solid base of 600,000 - 800,000 tx/d for about 5 - 6 months!

Million transactions a day and only operating at 0.3% capacity... it's only a matter of time now.

All this SBD excitement has got the money moving. I think the price of steem is finally gonna have its breakout soon.

Wow, now compare it to BTC... ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You can see the record set at


Thanks for the info ... didn't knew this site.
Steem is ahead of every blockchains and still not at full capacity !

Wish it would show you a date when it was set.

Those numbers are crazy!
Just checked and Steem has pushed past the 1m transactions in a day, per
That is 12 tx per second!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

12 tx per second is an average.
Yesterday, we had one block containing 183 transactions.
As each block is produced every 3 seconds, that's 61 tx per second! And we all know the Steem blockchain can handle many more.

Curious if this is a "one-time" wonder... will it continue? Will it exceed our expectations?

Has been an interesting 24 hours since people seem to be scrambling to buy steem with sbd's. I know I did yesterday... HEY! I was two of those almost million transactions. I'm a statistic!

Thanks for participating to the "making of" =)


and NOW People are waking up to Reality with CryptoKitties ;)

STEEM can manage that - Bring it on here !!!

Are there a limited number of units issued as with BitCoin?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

thanks a lot for of luck..

Everyone is exchanging every single SBD 😂

Hopefully Steemit reaches Mars :|

Wow it's really a good news thanks for sharing

I'm feeling awesomely enthusiastic!

I re-steemed this post.

What a nice milestone. Break out the champagne early.

Want to know what else happened? We hit a million transactions (ok, 996,362 to be exact), and nothing flinched. With a blink of an eye things kept running smoothly.


I'm just glad you pointed it out. This is great news!

Great! Do you know if these numbers consider only transactions in Steemit or cover all the Steem blockchain ecosystem sites and apps? Thanks and good luck again!!

Transactions are ALL activity on the blockchain (posts, comments, updates, votes, transfers, etc ...)

Moving right along. I know my activity has spiked on Steem I keep inviting my friends here and the speed of STEEM blockchain at such small fraction of the total bandwidth. This is a good matrix to watch it really shows how much it is getting used. I wounder how much trades add to that number is that a transaction when people sell steem and buy steem and sbd? what is considered a transaction? With no fees and the speed of it we can forget we are even using a blockchain explorier and actually sending transactions over a network.

Wow that's amazing. What is your view on uptake. They need to address the complexity of sign up I think before the masses get involved.

This is my second day on steemit and I love it! I am telling everyone I know about steemit! Steemit to the moon! I upvoted and followed you! Please do the same :)

Oh yay, this is looking great!