Steemit heading to 1 million transactions per day

in steemit •  2 years ago  (edited)

Yesterday, Steemit broke a new record with the number of daily transactions!

If you look at my latest daily stats, you will see a spectacular jump in the number of transactions:

The exact number is 820274 transactions!

Active users record !

This is in correlation with another record reached yesterday for the number of active users:

We were really close to the 25K with 24940 unique active users posting or voting on the platform.

Steemit is going to the moon

The growth of the platform has really been impressive last months and I guess we will break the one million transactions record really soon. I take the bets ...

Spread the news and Steem On!

Do you want to see all stats about steemit ... check my daily statistics.

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Nice stats! What will it be next year? 10 mil easy.

Incredible. It would be amazing if we could grow to the size of Reddit

helo friend please votes me votes you

It is increasing everyday as we speak , steemit has a lot of potential now and will have more in the future . That's why I see it important to educate others on Cryto and etc @arcange

That's great news! This platform will surely keep growing!

does number of transactions add value to steem? i think it does but i really need this confirmed.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If you speak about the STEEM token, It doesn't.

But it can, as the psychological effect may attract more new users or investors and help raise the value of the platform and tokens.

It shows people are participating, engaging with something they love which add value in the long term. It's also have a positive impact on the network effect.

Great news for Steemit, means great news for all of us members.....yes everyone right down to the redfish.
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Hitting the one million is big news. So far Steem has been very bad at marketing, but this event shouldn't be missed.

Everybody should be ready to make sure that the whole cryptoscene knows that Steem is the most used blockchain in the world.

You can use the tag #tothemillion to make plans regarding this. There is also a channel in with the same name.

Great to hear that. Thanks for sharing this.

very intereting post @ arcange i will be happy to share with you and with all steemians this very interesting post the REWARDS POOL

This is exactly why I invested in steem. It has so much potential to be great. I can't wait for the future.

Wow! This is amazing news for a Steemit addict like me. :) I'm excited to see it grow. Thanks for sharing this info! Cheers! - @sandzat

Yeah, I started a few weeks ago as well, addictive (-:

Exciting to see the platform grow. Those are impressive dailies.

That's awesome!!! Time to bring out the bubbly.

All I can say is keep on steeming!

I'm new member, but after 5 day I can say - Steemit is addictive so this doesn't surprise me.

This is a new historical record in social media
Steemit grows and develops very quickly.
Communities read, study, and join in steemit without coercion.
Society is aware of the importance of knowledge, science, history, stories and some important categories contained in the steemit tag.
People know, in steemit a lot of new knowledge.
I do not think there is a society that does not join steemit after seeing, reading and learning.

How relevant is the number of transactions in the grand scale of things for Steemit?

It shows how active is the platform, either as a social network (posts, comments, upvotes) but also as an economic network (rewards, transfers, ...)

I see, thank you for the answer. :)

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Wow..its great news...for all steemains..thanks for sharing....congratulation to all steemains...up & rs

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