Potential scammer reported - @steemitag

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Be of any suspect “Steem Power Delegation” proposals

Scammers are never short of ideas to get money. Here is a new scam attempt spreading on Steemit.

Potential Scam Description

@Steemitag publish the following comment on user’s post

If you click on the link in the comment, you will be redirected to SteemConnect.com

Where is the potential scam?

The potential scam comes to the fact that if you click on the “Continue” button, you will delegate ALL your Steem Power to @steemitag.

This also means that, by doing so, your account won’t be able to do anything until you get additional Steem Power, because each action on the Steemit Blockchain require available Steem Power to be executed. Currently, even revoking your delegation requires Steem Power.

@steemitag has never published any post to introduce its project.

As of now, @steemitag has already spammed users with 2178 comments.

Therefore, I consider the current campaign from @steemitag as a potential scam!

Preventive action activated

The account @steemitag has been put on the black list of my Warning-Bot and it will issue warnings with a link to this post, notifying users of the potential malicious activity of @steemitag

If you find similar phishing attempts, contact me on steem.chat

Previous threat alerts

If you missed them, please find here the previous alerts I published:

Spread the words, resteem this post to your friends, and you will make the platform safer.

Thanks for reading!

If you notice any new suspect activity like the one described above, drop a comment on this post, contact me on steemit.chat or via Telegram (@The_Arcange)

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Thank you for the warning!

Thanks a lot for the warning!

I was so stuffed up a few months ago at @steemitag but I withdrew delegations. This is definitely a scam. I wrote a post how to pick up delegations.Good job. I apologize for the poor English

Thank you for the warning. You are still excellent. Always detect the tricks. I will always keep up to date with your latest notifications

This particular scam is particularly scummy. Your doing great work in protecting your fellow steaminess and I for one appreciate it. As long as I don't see your bot cheating like the Cheetah bot does I, will maintain my vote for you as witness.

Grazie delle info

Thanks for the warning @arcange it was really helpful, stopping these scams is one of the ways to keep this community running and I'm glad you have made this possible, I hope those with their sp taken away get to undelegate it back on time.

it was really helpful post, thanks for it.

Damn. I think I did this ...I checked my wallet...safe for now
Thanks for sharing this @aecange.

Thank you so much @arcange for this information. Yes, I am also receiving some of this kind of notification in the comments section of my posts. What about @big-whale? He simply sends 0.001SBD, with a notification so many times. As I am not on steemit.chat, I am telling it here.

I found this post much valuable, so am going to reblog it. Thank you once again... :)

Thanks for the warning. We should be more vigilant on all scamming attacks.

Thank you so much for the warning @arcange.

Very nice content