Scammer reported - @gtg.witnesses

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Never give your password on any website!

I already warned you about several (potential) scam attempts (see bottom of this post for a list of them). Here is a new one.


Account: @gtg.witnesses

@gtg.witnesses is spamming users with 001 SBD micro-payments having the following memo:

Some transfers may also look like this:

High level security scam

@gtg is a well known witness. But he doesn’t own the account @gtg.witnesses.

The website pretends to redirect you to to login with your Steem account credentials in order for you to get your reward.

Anyway, you will not be redirected and I guess the malicious website will just steal your credentials!

As of now, @gtg.witnesses has already targeted 1664 users with micro-transfers.

Preventive action activated

The account @gtg.witness has been put on the black list of my Warning-Bot and it will issue warnings with a link to this post, notifying users of the malicious activity of @gtg.witness.

Previous threat alerts

If you missed them, please find here the previous alerts I published:


A bit of paranoia is the basis of security.
There are a few simple rules to follow in order to avoid having your account hacked:

Rule 1: NEVER, I repeat, NEVER use or give your owner key or password!

Rule 2: Use your posting key to login, post and vote on trusted websites like or

Rule 3: NEVER give your active key as this key allows to control your funds! Only use your active key for special operation like money transfer or account update on trusted websites like

Rule 4: Anywhere else, if you are requested to provide any of the above key: RUN AWAY!!!

4 simple rules. It's not much to remember. Follow them scrupulously, and you will only have to laugh at unsuccessful attempts from scammers.

Spread the words, resteem this post to your friends, and you will make the platform safer.

Thanks for reading!

If you notice any new suspect activity like the one described above, drop a comment on this post, contact me on or via Telegram (@The_Arcange)

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wow. thank you very much for the warning and the information. I'll be very careful not to get scammed.

Damn that seems like a sophisticated way to get the master key i could definitely see people falling for this one, good job @arcange...


I just re-steemed i think the more people know about this the better, also i will be voting for witnesses for the first time and as i have been using a few of your apps as well as you rooting out scams like this you will be my first vote and then maybe @penguinpablo...

Very helpful. Resteemed!😊

Good job man @arcange!
I don't know why your work doesn't get so much recognition as it is supposed to. You deserve it.


Thanks for your kind comment. Warm at heart =-


When you copy/paste or repeatedly type the same comments you could be mistaken for a bot.

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Thank You! ⚜

Thank you for the info

Thanks for the info

Resteemed. There's always gonna be a scammer somewhere, and unfortunately, they're going to find a way to successfully prey on others.

Hopefully there aren't too many victims of this issue.

Great info. Very important content. God to avoid the scams!

Such an important info. Thank you @arcange!

Thank you for the warning. This is very helpful to us.

Thank you sir for the heads-up.

thank you sir. re steem

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Please how can I differentiate my active key from the other key. I seems like I have mixed them up