Potential scammer reported

in steemit •  last year

Beware of any suspect “resteem for money” proposal!

After my previous scam alert post and its subsequent update, several users notified me with suspect activity they noticed via the memo linked to micro-payment to their wallet.

Therefore, I will continue my investigations to find out the perpetrators of such (potential) malicious activity.
Thanks to @jesselee for reporting of one of them. Here the result of my research.


Account: @jones420

Wave 1

On 2017-08-04, 2211 users received 0.001 SBD with the following memo:

Thank you for following me! Do you want your post to be resteemed to 5.000+ followers? Contact me@ https://steemit.chat/direct/mr.jones Peace!

Wave 2

On 2017-08-04, 192 users received 0.001 SBD with the following memo:

Hi, I ask 1 SBD/STEEM for a resteem to 5000+ people :O Because many people ask me.. and otherwise there are 200+ resteems a day on my blog and then it would be pointless, so it's up to you to decide ;) Contact me on steemit chat @ https://steemit.chat/direct/mr.jones

Wave 3

On 2017-08-05, 661 users received 0.001 SBD with the following memo:

If you want me to resteem your post to 5000+ followers sent 1 steem or 1 steem dollar to jones420 and put your post URL in "memo" I will do the rest :)

Wave 4

Between 2017-08-15 and 2017-09-25, 10032 users received 0.001 SBD with a memo like :

Do you consider your post to be undervalued? Do you want to get more exposure and upvotes? Send 2 STEEM or 2SBD to @jones420 and put the link to your post in the memo. Your post will be RESTEEMED for 6000+ users. You will also be guaranteed of 200+ UPVOTES! (Your post payout depends on the quality/content of your post.)


Do you consider your post to be undervalued? Do you want to get more exposure and upvotes? Just go to: http://resteemservice.tk/ The BEST resteem service on steemit!

Meantime, the website mentioned in the above memo has been shutdown

Threatening user for his own mistakes

On 2017-08-17 14:03:54, @jones420 sent 0.001 SBD to @yinlovesu0914 with the following memo:

Potential scam

Although it looks @jones420 provided some resteem services, several users complained about their post not being resteemed as promised.

@jones420 received 806 transfers of at least 0.001 SBD or 0.001 STEEM with a memo containing an URL like https://steemit.com/...

Out of these 806 transfers, 22 were returned because of “incorrect payment” and 782 were unique “author + URL”

Starting 2017-08-04, @jones420 made only 645 resteems , meaning 115 resteems were not executed (806 - 22 - 785)!

@jones420 negative reputation probably comes from the fact he was spamming users with the following comment:

A am trying to follow every account on steemit!! :) I don't know how long its gonna take.. But am not giving up! I personally think its a very cool and unique experiment. Am currently following 12300+- people but this needs to go way up! If you like this experiment please follow me back. Let me hear your thoughts about my project and have wonderful day :)

Any user with negative reputation should look suspicious and any “service for money” proposal from such a user should be treated with the utmost caution!

Finally, threatening users when it comes to your own mistakes is unacceptable behavior!

Therefore, I consider @jones420's action as being a potential scam and this account to be untrustworthy.

Warning bot action

The account @jones420 has been put on the black list of my Warning-Bot and it will issue warnings with a link to this post following, notifying users of the potential malicious activity of @jones420.

Thanks for reading!

If you notice any new suspect activity like the one described above, drop a comment on this post, contact me on steemit.chat or via Telegram (@The_Arcange)

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Thanks for warning and hard work..
Your post was resteemed to reach more users..
Keep the good work..
Keep it clean..

hey @arcange I found another scammer looming around steemit chat, I made a post about it, but of course im a small account. I'm not asking for a resteem or anything like that, I want to genuinely help the community be safe from these bastards... If you would make a post talking about it, it would be very beneficial, like I said I don't need a resteem or even a mention.. that is not the point... it just boils my blood when these thiefs get away with it.



Thanks for notifying. Resteemed you post!
You should edit and put a link to your post in your comment ... and fix the small typo in my name ;)


Corrected... sorry for the typo.. i guess I need to slow down a bit at times.. hahahaha Thanks again brother for the work you do

Thank you for the great witnessing job that you are doing. You still have my vote as a witness. After reading your post on this potentially fake resteem service, resteemservice.tk, what is your take on resteembot and originalworks? Personally, I flagged original works after doing my own little digging, since it spammed my page. The resteem bot is everywhere and I observed a witness upvoted the bot, so I am wondering what is going on. Please, help clear the air. Thanks as always.


Hello @maryfavour, thanks for you comment and your support for my witness.
I will check both @resteembot and @originalworks tomorrow (it's late here and need to fight my pillow)
Please note my work is not against bots or spammers, although spam is very annoying,

thanks yo so much

@arcange Thank you for your recent tip off!


Same thanx I was wondering what that was.

This guys is a piece of shit. threatening people to send them steem what a fag. down vote his shit!!!!!

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Gosh! Thanks for the heads up!

Great job! He's contacted me for several days in a row in two different time frames.

Good work dude!

good post.

Thanks for your effort to discover scammers.


Thanks for the great effort in steemit community i also voted for you in the witness program and also take a look at your wallet

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I've suggested that reputation should be shown for senders on transfers. If it's low then it would highlight scammers. We don't want people wasting their precious earnings on such low-lifes.

Thank you a lot for all the nice work. You seem to have lot of capability 👌👍

Thank you for warning. Very important your information.

The great post @arcange


Just getting into Steem and already can see how ridiculous this can get. Just wanted to say thank you.

great job.. really good to know you are doing this . nice one!


Thank you! Consider voting for my witness to support my work ;)


thats a great idea! i have done so! Great job you are doing!

Thanks for your warning. We work here smoothly and safely as some persons stay here as like you.

thanks for the warning. i am now well informed that this guy is on the scammer list.


You're welcome, @robin-ho.
Consider voting for my witness to support my work ;)


ok no problem with that.. =) you have done well you deserve it.

"Hey I fucked up my super basic thing so you have to pay me or I'm going to attack you" This has to be the most retarded threat I have ever seen, seriously wtf?

@arcange thank you for noticing this on my account and reaching out. Really appreciate the heads up as well as your initiative to investigate the situation. I appreciate you!

Thank you so much for the report @arcange. Much appreciated.


You're welcome!
Consider voting for my witness to support my work.

I don't get this re-steem services. Its no point by the way to provide this service. Everyone can resteem. I know it's about visibility but this is just an opportunist doing their thing.

Who knows how many dead followers they have?


Apart of that, if someone starts to resteem masses of random posts, his followers will soon mute or unfollow him. I guess its aimed at newbies who didn't yet grasp the concept behind Steemit. And who then get scared away because they get ripped of. Sad.

Thanks you information
always success

Thank you for the heads-up @arcange. God bless!

Thanks for the warning today.
Keep up the good work. Went ahead and voted for you as a witness

Thanks for your warning @arcange!! :)

Thank you for the warning!

I just saw your warning @arcange ! I don't fall for stuff like that (sometimes I don't even check my wallet for deposits) but good to know! Merci beaucoup!!! :)

Hi! Thank for info! Reestem. I wish you perseverance! Good job!!

Your publication is very helpful, I currently have several days receiving messages from that user in almost all my posts.

Thanks for the warning. Appreciated

There are new messages like this in my wallet. You have warned about this message. I can not understand anything because I'm New User Steamet And this id jones420 has given me 0.001 sbd. Please give me the correct information about this, due to these reasons please let me know whether there is any problem in the problem. .......................? @arcange

Yeah I saw that (-1) for his rep, so that pretty much tales the tale of the story.. Thanks for the heads up! :D

I just got a post from @ jones420


@arcange I like the banner on the footer created with steemitboard you have custom done. Would you please share with me how you created it? I just need the banner behind script.