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Never give your password on suspect or unknown websites!!

I already warned you about several scam attempts (see bottom of this post for a list of them). Here is a new one.

Scam Description

The scammer publish the following comment on user’s post

NOTE: the author or the content of the comment may be different from the above screenshot

If you click on the link in the comment, you will be redirected to the following website:

NOTE: the domain name displayed may be different from the above screenshot

The site is a simple “static” website created using the website creator.

Lower on the website, your are invited to click on a “Join Now” button to get 5 free STEEM

If you click on the “Join Now” button, you will be redirected to a FAKE SteemConnect page

The website looks EXACTLY like, but its behaviour will differ as it clearly want to steal your credentials to hack your account!

What is Phishing?

Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and money), often for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

source: Wikipedia

The goal of the creator of this website is to steal your credentials to hack your account and funds!

Preventive action activated

This phishing scam has been added to the black list of my Warning-Bot and it will issue warnings with a link to this post, notifying users of the malicious activity of those accounts.

If you find similar phishing attempts, contact me on

To protect yourself, you can:

  • always double check before clicking on a link, especially if this links take you away from
  • verify the reputation of people writing comments on your posts. A user with a low reputation should trigger you attention.

Previous threat alerts

If you missed them, please find here the previous alerts I published:


A bit of paranoia is the basis of security.
There are a few simple rules to follow in order to avoid having your account hacked:

Rule 1: NEVER, I repeat, NEVER use or give your owner key or password!

Rule 2: Use your posting key to login, post and vote on trusted websites like or

Rule 3: NEVER give your active key as this key allows to control your funds! Only use your active key for special operation like money transfer or account update on trusted websites like

Rule 4: Anywhere else, if you are requested to provide any of the above key: RUN AWAY!!!

4 simple rules. It's not much to remember. Follow them scrupulously, and you will only have to laugh at unsuccessful attempts from scammers.

Spread the words, resteem this post to your friends, and you will make the platform safer.

Thanks for reading!

If you notice any new suspect activity like the one described above, drop a comment on this post or contact me on

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Thanks for useful info...:)...

Thank you for the alert @arcange. I discovered a couple accounts compromised by this scam earlier and reported them to @steemcleaners. It's a never-ending job, keeping the blockchain clear of spam and scams!

I got this comment from this scammer and his reputation was 30 up at that time so i thought it was like a contest or something. then i clicked on the link and even tried the link with join now but nothing came and suddenly my computer got restart automatically.
then i never tried this link and gave the link in memo to @arcange as fast as i could.
this time i got lucky.

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Thanks for notifying me @ashikstd.

Thank you for your service. @arcange
You have saved me from being pwnd.
Many times.

ThAnx for the warning on My blog today. Upvoted and this blog I Will resteem offcourse !


Thank you for your support @brittandjosie


Those people polute and Thats No fair play I hate it ! ThAnx for great work 😉

Thanks for the warning I’ve been seeing this comment on a few posts but don’t really take much note of these things! Didn’t know it was actually an elaborate scam! Geez that’s terrible and clearly profitable if they’re going through all that effort! Steemians need to do research before they jump into anything on this blockchain

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Thank you @arcange everyone needs to be careful and double check that they are on a legitimate site that is secure. I myself am guilty of sometimes not checking the URL. I will slow down and double check from now on, and I hope everyone else does the same 👍
Resteemed!! 👍

many thanks @arcange for the alerts

Thanks for the heads up. I already vote for your witness.

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hey!! i give my password to this scam so what i can do @arcange how to prevent tell me please


I would immediately change your passwords!

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@arcange thank you very much for alerting us, you are doing a wonderful job. thanks a lot

-Thanks for the heads-up!


Wow it’s only missing the red writing on top alerting you to check that it is legitimately SteemConnect, these butt heads are always taking advantage of the unsuspecting really quite sad

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thanks for warning @arcange

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