Steemit Meetup in Aachen (Germany) - A friendly atmosphere

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Die 4. Auflage des Steemit Meetup Aachen fand vor wenigen Tagen statt.

Wie schon in bei den vorherigen Meetups wurde alles von @detlev in dem Büro der @aixvox perfekt organisiert.
Es waren nicht so viele Steemianer da wie in der vorherigen Ausgabe, aber die Atmosphäre war sehr freundlich.

Unter den Teilnehmern hatten wir zwei Newcomer @annacolorful und @drtobi18, die ihre Erfahrungen und Leidenschaften von Steemit teilten.

@roxane kam zu uns für eine sehr interessante Videokonferenz. Das einzige, was wir nicht mit ihr teilen konnten, war ein köstliches frisches belgisches Bier.

Wir sehen uns alle beim nächsten Treffen!

The 4th edition of the Steemit Meetup Aachen was held few days ago.

As for previous edition, is has been perfectly organized by @detlev in his company office.
There were not so many Steemians present as for previous edition, but the atmosphere was really friendly.

Among the attendees, we had two newcomers @annacolorful and @drtobi18 who shared their Steemit experience and passions.

@roxane joined us for a very interesting video conference. The only thing we couldn't share with her was a delicious fresh Belgian beer.

See you all at the next meetup!

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Hello @arcange Can u tell me in english....

Second half of the post is in English.

hope there can be a lot of attendees.

Hello! @arcange looks like you are all having fun guys. but yes only if you can share the video conference much be appreciated. More power guys and see you around here...

Yes, fun we had! Unfortunately I do not have a recording of the video conference.

Hi @arcange,

thanks for joining the Europe meeting in Aachen. We will plan the steemit meetup aachen 5 for late August or early September due vacation time.

Thanks as well for the cool video and the editing

and even more thanks for helping me to get rid of all that beer where I will create a #BeerSaturday post from.