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Hello dear Steemians!

I am pleased to announce my intent to be an active witness for the Steem network

Two months ago, I joined Steemit and since then have spent much of my time exploring all aspects of it (technical, society, community, ...) I soon decided being more than a spectator or simple writer. I wanted to involve myself in building and make this community stronger, sharing positive values.

I have important background knowledge of project management, software development in different programing languages, infrastructure management (sysadmin, dbadmin, ... ) for over 25 years. Therefore, I try to use and share my knowledge and experience to help the community

Things I've done so far on Steemit

  • I open-sourced Steem.NET, a .NET API library for Microsoft .NET VB and C# developpers
  • I created SteemSQL, A public SQL database with all blockchain data
  • I did my best to help the French speaking community to develop by supporting French writers
  • I focused on curating high quality posts
  • I have been active on several channels on
  • I tried to inspire positive attitude in my posts and comments.

What's next?

  • More to come about SteemSQL, stay tuned.
  • I will continue to support emergence of people speaking other languages than English
  • As soon as those project are on the track, I will post on diverse topics I love like philosophy, science, society, travel, ...
  • I’m definitely a Steemit addict and plan stay being involved and helpful, both on Steemit and
  • I will continue to curate posts with high quality content, share my thoughts, and reinforces links with and between our community members

My witness infrastructure

I set up two separate servers:

  • a private witness node
  • a public seed node at

Nodes are running on Xeon E5-1650v2 3.5Ghz 6 cores with 64 GB RAM
Servers are in a EU datacenter with high bandwidth and 24x7 availability.

My goal is to provide a reliable witness with as little downtime as possible. As soon as I get enough witness support (i.e. votes from you), I will scale up the infrastructure to different datacenters spread over the world, adding backup nodes to provide HA and DR.

Please vote for me as a witness:

using your cli_wallet
vote_for_witness [YOURACCOUNT] arcange true true

On Steemit website
You can vote directly from Steemit by going here
Go to the bottom of the page and do the following

Thank you for your support!

Image from my CanStock account

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You've got my vote! Keep up the good work!


You're welcome!

You got my witness vote sir. Great work you are doing for our network.


Thanks! :)

EDIT: Thanks to all the awesome people on the #witness channel who helped me setting up my nodes and encouraged me to apply for witness.
I won't cite each here because I fear to forget someone.
You guys rock!

Hi I am new here how I can support u ,I was reading ur blog about how to encourage new users I really like the initiative and please Iam bit confused what is the witness can u please explain me.

Thanks for telling us about yourself. I'm sure you will do well. Unfortunately I have hit my limit for witness voting now!


Thanks for your comment. Do not hesitate to reconsider you witness list if you find my work worth it ;)


I would love to vote for you but unless someone does something bad I would feel really guilty unselecting them.


Sure you had good reasons to elect your current witnesses.
Don't worry. I was not begging for vote at all.

Awesome initiative, all the best!


Thanks for your support!


Saw it. Thanks a lot my dear =)

Thank you for all you do! I'm voting for you right away!

Good to know you're running witness nodes now.

By the way it's strange that the URLs in your post are not working for me (again).


My bad. Forgot to update them before publishing. Fixed!
Thanks for notifying, for the upvote and for the witness vote =))

Voted for witness. Great job!


THANKS for your support!!! =)

Thank you for resteem of my novel and your encouragement. I voted for you.


Thanks for your support!!!

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What is the mission of a witness ?


The first role of a witness is to provide infrastructure (servers) to produce blockchain blocks and secure the network.
A good witness is also someone who knows how steem blockchain works and has good knowledge on crypto-currencies.
Finally, being someone involved in the community life and growth.

I recommend you to read @pfunk excellent post on this topic.


Thanks =)

vote done ahahah wish you a nice day

You Got My Vote!!!!! @arcange


Thank you. Really appreciated!


No Problem you got my Vote allday!!! #Vote@arcange

A voté. Merci pour les explications, en tant que néophyte non habitué aux blockchains le contact est un peu rude :-) Mais comme pour tout réseau social il faut un peu de temps pour s'habituer à la géographie des lieux. Content de voir que certains essayent de favoriser l'émergence d'autres langues. A ce sujet il est peut être préférable de publier dans les deux langues (Anglais/Français) ?

@arcange thx for the post. Im a bit more clear on the reputation thing. I went from a 30 - 13 over night onmy first day using it. I guess i pissed someone with a high rep off and they flagged my. i will try to vote for you as a witness. i just learned to do that with your post aswell. thx again.

I've being seeing all your great work all over steemit, most of all the alerts about scams and frauds. I think this is so important in this community!! Merci beaucup!!! And all the best for your projects!! :D
Untitled picture.png

Thanks for the info .. witness right ..

Are you running a Linux-compiled node or a Microsoft-compiled node?


Cool! I'm trying to get a Microsoft node up. ;-)

Thank you for your help and encouragement. Upvoted and voted!

Follow me Back... I already voted for you

I am new here in steemit, and I am surprised about all the initiatives people have. I don't understand all about this platform yet but It seems to have high potential.

Keep up the good work! :)

Your contributions are relevant, so I have upvoted your posts. I would be very happy if you could explain how my small newbie action inflates your wallet.