What do I really want from Steemit - and from Myself being here

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It's been almost one week since I started on Steemit, and I've been thinking about where I want this whole thing to go. I thought I'd turn this into a useful, insightful, educational blog where I try to deliver safe and useful content for the readers. Then I thought I'd be writing about my path toward total personal, physical, and spiritual freedom in the world where practically everything is pre-made and pre-written for us by systems that don't want us to be free. Then I thought I'd focus on this in combination with spiritual practices, nature, and martial arts and carefully design my posts to revolve around these main topics instead of spreading out into a million equally important issues, practices, personal experiences, and other beautiful things. 

But after thinking about all these different venues I decided that strict structuralist approach to my Steemit page is NOT necessary. Moreover, if I implemented it, it would go against my own principles (however fluid and flexible they are). 

What's truly necessary is to try to be as Real, Raw, and True as possible. It's difficult enough already because our lives are filled with illusions. Adding some kind of "appropriate", reader-friendly, super-organized structure to attract readers is simply insane. 

This is NOT supposed to be my main goal. I am not a money-making blogger, and this particular blog was not started with the sole aim to generate huge income. 

No, I am not going to lie - I would love it to make me some money )) because in our world we need it strategically to survive. I need money like we all do because I still live inside this thing called "society" where everything costs, even the internet I am using now to be typing and posting on here. But this was not the main purpose. The purpose is to write and share on the platform where I can find those who know more than me, those who walk life paths that feel true, and those who, like me, know for sure that something in this world just doesn't add up, no matter how well it's been painted for us to believe. 

I think I will really try to make this real. 

I prioritize talking raw and trying to express myself honestly rather than pleasantly for the mind of my potential readers and friends. I prioritize meeting people who are real in the world filled with illusory stuff, or at least those of us who are also looking for what's true. 

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Thank you for your welcoming post, @ocd
It actually just gave me a nice quick boost in terms of reputation and $
Which will hopefully help me write more quality content and connect to other people on this platform which I am still learning )

Those are some good goals. :) I think being yourself is most important and being fluid and listening to your heart. I appreciate the straight forwardness you share and the ideas and concepts you talk about in your posts. It's refreshing actually, I think we need more like you in the world! :D
Keep up the good work and I look forward to learning more from you in the future.

Thanks @apolymask ! I am also learning from you and other people I meet on here (and in non-Internet life out there of course). And then sometimes I have to step back, take a breath, and just be quiet and observe. We live in the world so saturated with information that at times I feel overwhelmed and wish my brain could work a 1000000 times faster and I could function well sleeping only one hour every day (which is possible by the way, but I won't recommend it to anyone or myself at this point))).

Well you certainly are making an impact on steemit won’t be long before your one of the top bloggers here if you keep this up! It’s all about consistency, learning and asking questions oh and collaborating! It’s a fun crazy corner of the intent, followed you too! Found your post via @ocd

See you around the blockchain 😊

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Thanks @chekohler !

Real, Raw, and True as possible.

This is what this place really needs! Big welcome!! Following!! Hope to see more photography from you!

Thanks Jason! Yes, I am planning to implement more self-made visuals in my posts. Very often text alone just won't do it when trying to express something