Team APPICS at SteemFest 3: Conference Day 2 [VIDEO]

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SteemFest 3 is on Fire!

After the first full day of conferences at SteemFest, DAY 2 was held at the ICE congress center in Krakow yesterday.
It was a fun and successful day - we had 2 presentations about APPICS (one on the main stage and one roundtable discussion) and spent the whole day having so many chats about crypto, the future of blockchain, and of course about APPICS!

Watch our video clip of conference day 2 below on DTube:

Shot & edited by @thehipsterguru

In the morning, Uma @mrs.steemit held her Presentation about APPICS on the main stage.

You can watch a video of the whole presentation here

Uma has been to all 3 SteemFest events so far and presented APPICS at each one, so this time she focused on our progress in the last year and where we stand in terms of project development and cooperations.

As you know, 2018 was a major year for APPICS -

After officially founding the company in Switzerland and completing our ICO in spring, we spent the whole year traveling around the world to 15+ different countries and spreading the APPICS movement.
Apart from that, we have a functional softlaunch version out for testing and secured partnerships with major purpose-driven campaigns and cooperation partners.

If YOU want to join the APPICS family and build, help and empower your local community, become an APPICS Junior Ambassador and email us [email protected]!

The room was filled with so many people passionate about APPICS - from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone for coming and sharing your feedback. Together we are unstoppable!

After the main presentation, we also hosted a "Roundtable Session" with the topic Challenges of launching an SMT.

Roundtable Sessions were a new addition to SteemFest where everyone could host their own discussion about a specific topic.

We had a very crowded round table and over an hour long in-depth talk -

discussing how the future of SMTs will develop and what can be done to deal with upcoming challenges of scalability, onboarding and more.
If you want to join the discussion about SMTs, feel free to reach out to us via email or telegram!

Thank you guys for joining us!

Here are some more impressions of the day:

Rocking our official APPICS Merchandise - @agent @el-cr @illucifer @flauwy @soldier

2018-11-10 16.16.05.jpg

With @alexazapiec and @y-o-u-t-h-m-e

2018-11-10 16.26.24.jpg

@thehipsterguru @sirwinchester @timsaid @nanzo-scoop

@soldier @mrs.steemit @demotruk @sirwinchester

2018-11-10 16.15.06.jpg

Thank you for the great chat guys! Left to right: @agent @thehipsterguru @logic @anyx @lukestokes @sirwinchester @mrs.steemit @soldier

Of course, you can also find many new snapshots from SteemFest in our APPICS App!

If you are not one of our early testers yet, make sure to register at!

Thank you again to everyone who had a chat with us and reached out. We had an amazing experience making so many new friends and connecting with Steemians from all around the globe!

Thank you to the Steemit Team, all of the sponsors, and of course @roelandp (with his fabulous flame outfit 🔥) who made all of this possible!

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬

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It was an Epic night with an Epic people, @APPICS !
Keep up the Fire 🔥, See you at the Moon! 🌜🌝🌛
Summary : " Appics, Gazuaaa!! " 🌏🚀🌟


😬 it was so great to meet you and hang out!! We will have to visit you in Korea soon 😎


@appics i get a mail early bird but i havo no able tl download app..why?

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It was nice meeting you guys! Thanks for mentioning us! @jackycrypto

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Hey! It was a pleasure meeting you guys and chatting. Let's continue the conversation 🙌

Excellet contribution. Keep up the good work @APPICS . “🎤ALL THE WAY UP”🚀🔥.


Thank you 🙌
All the way up .... to the moon!



You guys always killing it 😉

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Thank you 😬🙌


I know I’ll see you on Appics haha

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I am there for months eheheh 😉

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Well made! Beautiful video! Subscribed. Not sure how I haven't seen your work till now.


Thank you very much! 🙌

I want to join the Appics Team as an Ambassador for Mexico and Latin America. I had the chance to talk with Uma and hopefully Im still being considered. Im loving the App so far.Here is a video I made 2 months ago for my youtube channel. Its in Spanish but its all about Appics.


Hey Mauricio! Thank you - we definitely haven't forgotten about you and will reaach out to you in an email soon :)

Absolutely Amazing! Thanks for the tattoo plug!!


Sure! Your tattoo is true art 🙌

Wow 😮:)! Look like a successful day :)


Yes it was! 🙌 thank you cele!

Representin’ Appics! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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🙌 💪

So good to meet all of you. I’ve just installed appics. Ready to check it out. Thanks for all the smiles and good vibes. Fabulous to share this experience with you! 💞

The coolest team on the blockchain!

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  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Would love to see a video or smth. of the roundtable discussion. That's one of the topics I'm really interested in hearing about. Presentations were all about dapps, which got me super hyped hearing of all the future plans and partnerships, but finding solutions to current pain points is important too.

Also, calling out is probably going to be one of the more memorable moments of steemfest for me. :P At least as the past year has shown, they're growing up along with the blockchain, so I hope things go more smoothly going forward.

@Redrica is missing from the post, she's an Appics girl now, after SF. :))


Hahaha dude.. it's meant to be a secret. Especially launching late this year: Appics moms ;)


its not coincidence that @kevinli is first and then his mother @redrica in the video right? ;-D


Always first 😉

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carefull I'm literally at your back up there :DDDD


Oh, dang, now I remember, yeah, I forgot it's a secret. Just my delusions, @redrica is not an Appics girls, wink wink.

Another cool post from Steemfest team @appics ! The Appics merchandise looks awesome! loved your video too, thats a cool tattoo and a great artist there , the children even had a great time! looking forward to watching your presentation , please send me the link when you have it ! thanks, And GO TEAM APPICS ALL THE WAY! A big shout out to @mrs.steemit , @soldier , @sirwinchester and @thehipsterguru for the great shots and editing!

didn't know appics had such a hot team :P keep up the great work guys

Que genial!!!

Day 2 is wonderful for APPICS

And another smiley face on this :)

@soldier is kicking ass with them white jeans!~ :D But so is everyone else :D You guys rock! keep it #appic!

Thanks for sharing steem fest update like this post.

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That was the day we finally met. I am still touched by our mutual experience. I will never forget that. Shoutout to your team, you guys rock!

Lovely. I so much love the style and the sause

Can't wait till the App goes public! Your team is so awesome, I wish much success!