1st Month at Steemit

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1 Month Old Steemian

I reached 46 "Reputation" here for one month because I paid bidbots. If not of these bots maybe I haven't reached 30 #Reputation score yet. I am not an expert blogger and I have no enough time on discord, steemchat, etc. so getting more attention is not in my expectations.

@treeplanter and @brupvoter are still my favorite bots especially for busy.org's "Quick post". Speaking of @busy.org, I got upvotes on my "Quick posts" (photo only) but not on my blog posts like this that's why I just posted photos lately. LOL

I spent a total of 19.115 STEEM here including fees. I calculated my Steemit wallet balance and pending payouts and it shows that I only earn more or less 1.000 STEEM and a big part of it came from @surpassinggoogle's UPVOTES on my #COMMENTS.

I know I know many #teardrops posts get noticed here but I am not an emotional person. I am not a traveler too but I plan to #travel in Asia soon. #Cambodia, #Philippines and #Thailand are on my list. I noticed a lot of #food posts that are gaining more attention too but I am not a cook. I will post about #scam apps soon.

I need to spend more time READING to learn more before I give more effort in writing here. I hesitate to join #contests because I noticed some are requiring upvotes which is an #abuse according to Steemit FAQ.

Before I forget, I had a hard time finishing this post thru busy.org. I drafted this yesterday with 250 - more words but when I opened my draft folder I found out that more or less 100 words disappeared and there were 69 copies, huh! And as I am typing this right now on my iPhone some words keep disappearing so I had to "select all" and "copy" every now and then so I could just "paste" if they disappear. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! Have you experienced it too? It's a pain in the neck!


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I am posting at steemit.com copy/paste draft from mobile mailbox. I didn't experience it. 🙂

You will have to tell me how you attract the attention of @surpassinggoogle. I think have had only one visit. This is a better article from you, keep it up!

Thank you! Just visit his profile regulary and comment on his posts and his resteemed posts. You would see him upvoting a lot of comments. :)

You are well done! Quickly advance!

You got a 44.02% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @appguy!

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