SteemIt Smile - Emoji Picker for SteemIt comments (Chrome Extension)

in steemit •  2 years ago


Tired of looking up an emoji symbol on other websites? Let's save time, shall we?

I've developed a handy Chrome extension called "SteemIt Smile!". It allows you to insert an emoji to comments in an incredibly simple way.

After installation, you'll have a small smiley icon near the SteemIt editor which opens a fully-functioning emoji picker like this:

Steemit Smile.png

How to use it?

  1. Go to
  2. Click "+ Add to Chrome"
  3. Reload SteemIt page
  4. Open a comment editor and give it some time to load the icon file (for the second time, Chrome will get the file from cache)
  5. Enjoy your personal Emoji Picker
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@Ansek I published the post in Italian, quoting the source obviously, I hope it's not a problem ..

Legends are those providing the services we all desire, like easy smiley use! 😂


Haha, thanks! 😜 I have several services in my mind but I didn't have the right incentive to do them because my mind was occupied by things like moving to another country. Now, I think I could do them just like that and see what happens.


Definitely worth getting it out there mate, people love to have things to make their life easier haha.

Great post.....I have added👍👌💃

👍 Thank you 🤓


I hope you'll like it 😜

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Thanks, Super Selfgoat! 😂


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Thank you so much for sharing all this information! that's great! All the best! Waiting for more posts! :)


Let's try something... are you a bot or a real person? Because I didn't share information, I shared a Chrome Extension :)

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