Using Flipboard? - See what you missed by reading the Steemit Trending Magazine

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I use Flipboard everyday while commuting. It's very simple and easy for me to flip through the news so I though why couldn't I check out what's happened on Steemit while I was gone so I created a Flipboard magazine that has all the Steemit posts which were Trending in the TOP 10 at some point.

Why Trending only?

  1. Because those are the most important articles of all Steemit. They have been recognized as valuable content by the majority.
  2. It's a rather slow changing set of articles. New and HOT changes way too quickly and it would just be too much info for you to take in while flipping through the posts. Having all the articles would just get you lost in the pool.
  3. Once a post is paid out, it's out of the Trending section and you won't see it so you missed it. It could be there for more than 12h which is the minimum (if people vote that be longer) but still, this way you're not missing on anything trending.
  4. Can't vote through Flipboard. Because they're already most voted and rewarded articles, if you were to vote on them the impact you could have on a Trending article compared to a New or Hot one is minimal (unless you're a whale). If you really want to vote (oh..and you've been patient enough to type in your humongous password to login to Steemit on your phone) you can always click to Open in [insert browsername] and vote from there.

Why TOP 10 only?

  • I'm looking at automating the process (using a custom script and IFTTT) to post them fully automatic. Right now the script sends me e-mails with new articles that got into the TOP10 trending and I add them manually (I know..sigh, let's call it alpha stage).
    I would be thinking about extending that to TOP 25 in the next days depending on how it works.

To join the magazine just:

  • Open up Flipboard and click on the icon in the middle, the magnifying glass

  • In the Search box at the top type steemit

  • Then right underneath the search bar click on Magazines to show only magazines

  • Then tap on the Steemit Trending Articles by anduweb

  • Tap Follow at the top right

Now you will have the trending articles on your Flipboard main screen.

Hope it helps!

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