Lost steemit password? read this

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Talk about steemit, steemit is the best social media for now, steemit is more than any other social media, but behind the excess steemit, there are also shortcomings because something created by man there is a drawback, not that person does not know the rules of steemit, Keep watch on storing steemit passwords either offline or online, but sometimes people can also forget

, let alone careless, it's human nature forget and careless, I'm sure many users steemit who ever lost the password or forgot to save the password, but here we Say that for steemit party can make forgot password? Or return a password in an email.

I know this method has been widely used in other social media but many hacker attacks, which is easier for hackers to hack user accounts steemit, but my proposal today is to make a password forgot or restore password via email only in 1 TIME course, so user Who lost their passwords have been able to recover their lost or forgotten passwords, and hackers also can not hack their other steemit user accounts. This is what I think about the lost password

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Steem is based on blockchain technology and one of the key points is that it shouldn't rely on any central authority in order to function. If steemit.inc stored passwords then it wouldn't be a permissionless/trustless model.....and so there would not be so much need to use a block chain in the first place:)

There are many advantages of block-chain technology, but the fact that users must be responsible for their own keys/passwords means the end user has to take more care!

Owh thanks for the information, very usefull, i make this article because do not know anything about steemit, you are very smart @xaero1

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Thanks for sharing