Not a fan of infowars at all, but I applaud @blakemiles84 for subliminally marketing steemit on TV.

a group of flat earthers and climate change deniers will hurt the platform in the long run

Alex Jones never said anything about flat earth and climate change is bullshit so politicians can tax the air we breath. You're a moron and you will see how moronic you are soon enough. You can wake up and come with us into the future or you can left by the wasteside. Your choice.

Cities are literally flooding lmao are you autistic

I believe climate change is a load of horseshit, and I entertain the possibility that the Earth might be flat. Am I hurting this platform?

any sane person who reads that would leave and never come back lmao

Evidently, we must have vastly different interpretations of what constitutes sanity. The world is full of people, each of whom hold differing beliefs. An observer of this thread, in my opinion, would be much more inclined to become a part of the community if they could see that people were not disrespected for having a different opinion. Let's instead show them that anyone who doesn't agree with you is an idiot with an alleged IQ of considerably less than 40. I'm sure that is far more helpful than it is hurtful for this platform.

sanity = not denying clear scientific evidence

Words, whether you find them in a book or leaving the mouth of a scientist, are not "scientific evidence." They are words.

Perhaps the millions upon millions of people that you are inferring to be insane have a stronger grasp on this understanding than your assumed intellect permits you.

All publicity is good publicity. We welcome everyone's speech (even if totally wrong). That's our thing.

Don't sweat it. In the long run, truth is more powerful than fiction, because it can only be ignored for so long.

We have little time to act on climate change

I just hope that so long isn't too long

Hi I am new to steemit. I kept trying to reply to your post about helping bring a pervert to justice but it looks like the comments section is closed so I hope it is okay to post this here. After looking at the information on the mans wrist and your notes, I suspect that what is written on his wrist is an actual tally of victims. He seems to have "target goals" and is keeping track as the event wears on. To the right side of his wrist you can barely read the number 8 written next to the number 10. Subtract the 8 from the 10 and you get 2. subtract the 2 from the 38 and you wind up with 36. Let's say that he is aiming for 6 victims per "session" - he would need to attend 6 more sessions to reach his target goal. To me it looks like he is tallying as he goes and has written his goals alongside his completed crimes. It seems to me also that this photo was taken in the middle of a pedophile event. Last but not least, I took the comment on the post that reads, "you're pushing it" as a friendly accolade like you would hear between friends complimenting each other. Of all the things I have written here, I feel most confident in that interpretation. That comment was friendly and encouraging.

And yet I know for a fact you watch Rupaul's Drag Race religiously.

I have no idea what that is

although I'm sure you have wet dreams about trump

Thank you for quickly identifying yourself as a time and energy vampire of which I will avoid all contact with henceforth.

You're not even clever. Blech.

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